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Suiforlun Home Furnishings mattress will tell you what is the core of the mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-25
With the development of society, the pace of life and work is getting faster and faster, and the pressure is getting more and more. Good sleep is the guarantee of energy, so the requirements for mattresses are getting higher and higher, and the choice of mattresses is becoming more and more difficult. After all, mattresses accompany people for one-third of their time. There are a dazzling array of mattress products on the market, various styles, and creative advertising, so many people are always confused when choosing a mattress and don’t know what to do. , Suiforlun Home Furnishings mattress will take you to talk about the core of the mattress? The basic conditions of the rigidity of the mattress firstly explain that the mattress is healthy, environmentally friendly, comfortable and durable, anti-mite, anti-moisture, etc. This is the basic rigid topic, and it is also the basic guarantee of the mattress. If a mattress does not even have the basic rigidity conditions It is a formaldehyde mattress. Sleeping on a formaldehyde mattress is not as healthy as sleeping on a wooden board. Therefore, you don’t need to go into the basic rigid topics. The following will mainly talk about the core technical issues of the mattress. What is the affinity of a mattress? Everyone knows that people have weight. The attachment force of a mattress is the response of the mattress when it receives the weight of the human body. When the pressure of the human body is absorbed by the mattress, it will sink and shrink. The size of this attachment force is based on the body shape and Body weight is determined. Some people sleep with a lot of force on the waist, usually a big belly, and some people’s stress point is above the waist. The matching of the mattress's negative force determines the comfort and coping. If the body is heavy, the mattress is attached. If the force is small, there will be fewer stress points, which will result in the compression of the force contact points, which will cause more rollover dynamics and affect sleep. If the weight is small and the mattress has too much force, the stress points will be invalid and the body balance will be lost. , Cause sleep back pain or poor spirits after waking up, so the overall adhesion of the mattress is one of the core technical conditions of the mattress. What is the force equalization and multi-support point process of the mattress? This process, which is also determined by the person, is to reduce the burden of pressure on the main force point, transfer the force of the main force point to other parts of the body, and let other parts share the pressure and weight of the main force point. It is generally used for sedentary workers. Due to the sedentary nature, it is difficult to effectively relax the stressed parts of the body during working hours. Some undesirable problems will appear in the long-term, so it is necessary to relax and relieve during sleep. The stress point becomes uniform. What is posture guidance before going to bed? Before entering the formal sleep consciousness, there will be a suitable sleep posture to explore, looking for a suitable sleep posture, usually turning over, moving, lying on the side, bending the body and other activities. A mattress that fits the user can reduce these activities. In this way, you can enter the sleep state in a faster time. If the fitness is not enough, the time to explore a better posture will be prolonged, and the time to find a comfortable posture will be enlarged, and naturally it will be easy to lose sleep. What is the premise of deep sleep? According to statistics, there are not many people who can achieve qualified sleep. Qualified sleep is deep sleep, which is a static state of rest unconsciously. Generally speaking, there are no interfering factors other than breathing. These interfering factors include frequent turning over. Moving, dreaming, hot body, sweating, half-asleep and half-awake pseudo sleep, etc. Therefore, in order to achieve true deep sleep, you need the mattress’s adhesion, elasticity, cushioning value, support strength, and stress points. Only when these processes such as chemical and constant temperature are highly matched with the comprehensive situation of the user.
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