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Suiforlun Home Furnishings manufacturer talks about mattress edge reinforcement

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-09
There are three main methods of edge reinforcement. The first is to strengthen the spring bed core, the second is to add several springs to the side, and the third is to use sponge edging. Let’s talk about the Suiforlun Home Furnishings manufacturer: Type 1: When the spring bed is self-improving, let’s talk about the spring first. This thing is simply a steel wire made of spring steel and then rolled. You can use all kinds of springs to make mattresses, and some mattresses made of springs are hard and uncomfortable when you sleep on them. In the case of the same raw material grade, the thicker the steel wire, the harder the spring. The spring used for the car above is as thick as a rope, so it is very hard. It is not suitable for use on a mattress. Generally speaking, the spring wires of mattresses are not so thick. Normally, the diameter is 1.8 mm-2.3 mm. It is worth mentioning that the thicker the spring, the better, nor the thinner the better. The whole mattress spring is thicker and harder, and thinner and softer. The mattress of the Westin Hotel is a little softer and thinner than most mattresses, but they are the famous Heavenly Bed, and 10,000 people copy it. The thickness of this spring is only a parameter, which should be adjusted according to the specific conditions of each mattress. For example, which user in my family likes a softer mattress, in addition to the difference in filling, special circumstances will also adjust the spring according to demand. Use relatively thinner steel wire to do it. What are the disadvantages of this reinforcement? It is possible that for a long time, the central area sinks more obviously than on the sides, which can easily cause the illusion of collapse in the middle. Type 2: Reinforce with butterfly spring on the side. Both independent pocket springs and conjoined springs can be made. Just add this thing to the spring side: butterfly spring. The butterfly spring is as long as a butterfly, so it is called a butterfly spring to add to the edge. An extra support, when people sit on the side, it can be a little more elastic than the inside, to withstand your legs. This kind of thing is very common, basically it is the standard reinforcement method, and the cost is not a little money, but the effect is quite obvious. Type 3: Sponge edging Sealy's sponge edging Sealy's sponge edging This kind of edge reinforcement is indeed very tall, reflecting the high-end mattress grade weapon (you can't avoid even Simmons). Moreover, the cost is relatively low, and it can be done without special machines. And if it is made of super hard sponge or other materials, it can be harder than the spring. 1. Glue is needed for most sponge edging. 2. The sponge itself will be oxidized, and impurities such as benzene and phenol will be released during the oxidation process. 3. Sponge's life is much shorter than that of metal, and its performance will decrease sharply when it is used for a long time. Because most of the mattress edge reinforcement is made on the spring, the thicker the filling on the spring and the farther away from the spring, the more severe the deformation when sitting down. Instead, they are some low-end mattresses. They have springs and a layer of fabric. The side is the same as the inside. The thicker the filling, the weaker the edge reinforcement. Is there a way to make the filling layer also edge-reinforced? In fact, there are. Use a hard sponge to put it around in a circle. The real double layer with super-hard sponge around the real double layer with super-hard sponge around the advantage is that it can be unified with the edge of the spring below, and the reinforcement is particularly good. What are the disadvantages? 1. As this is true, the side is very hard, you feel a few centimeters under your thighs are particularly hard while you sit, chucking. That is the effect of strengthening the edges of your mind. It's too hard and uncomfortable. 2. The same as the reinforcement of a circle of sponge outside the spring below, most of which need to be fixed with glue, and the sponge itself will be oxidized.
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