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Suiforlun Home Furnishings answers whether babies sleep on a buckwheat mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-06
When a child is just born, everything such as the body's skeleton is very soft compared to an adult, and it is easy to be disturbed by external factors. The bed the newborn sleeps on must be hard, so that it is conducive to the normal growth of the baby's bones, otherwise it may cause deformation. So, we can’t help asking whether babies sleep on a buckwheat mattress? The editor of Suiforlun Home Furnishings is here to answer you.  Causes skin allergies  Buckwheat mattresses are mattresses made of buckwheat, using natural fibers, which are relatively rough. However, the skin of newborn babies is soft and fragile. Sleeping on a buckwheat mattress can easily cause skin allergies and itching. Except for babies, it is not recommended to sleep on a buckwheat mattress for those with sensitive skin. For children with poor development    just said that babies should sleep on a hard bed, so that it is conducive to the normal bone growth and development of the child. The buckwheat mattress is hard but not hard, has poor stress capacity and is easy to deform, so newborns should not sleep on the buckwheat mattress. If the mattress deforms according to the child's gravity, the child's growth will be affected. Easy to catch cold. Compared with other mattresses, the buckwheat mattress has better air permeability, so it is more comfortable. However, for children, it increases the possibility of catching cold. Children and adults are different, their own immunity is not yet complete, so comprehensive protection is required. Buckwheat mattresses are cooler, especially in autumn and winter, not suitable for children.   Odor   Because the buckwheat mattress is a relatively natural mattress, it will inevitably have some herbal smell. Don’t give a baby a buckwheat mattress. It is not that this kind of smell is harmful to the human body, but that babies are very sensitive to everything. What we give children is non-irritating smell, gentle and comfortable things, so as not to cause children's discomfort.   won't get angry    Does that mean that it’s useless to sleep on a buckwheat mattress for a baby? It’s not true. As a natural crop, buckwheat can be used to remove fire when people sleep on it. If the baby gets angry, the stool will be dry, or even simple constipation. Sleeping on a buckwheat mattress can help mothers solve this problem.   Can babies sleep on a buckwheat mattress? Through the above analysis one by one, the editor still advises parents not to sleep on buckwheat mattresses for their children. For children, the disadvantages of sleeping on a buckwheat mattress are superfluous. After the baby is born, all you need to do is sleep on a hardboard bed, and put a little mattress on the bed.
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