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Some things that hotel owners need to pay attention to when purchasing hotel mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-12
Although the proportion of hotel mattress purchases in hotel decoration is not very large, it is a key point for passengers to most intuitively feel the uncomfortable sleep after business. Therefore, hotel owners also pay more attention to the purchase of hotel mattresses. Question, the following mattress manufacturers will share with you some matters needing attention when purchasing hotel mattresses.  1. The softness and hardness of the mattress  Under normal circumstances, the comfort of the mattress is moderate, and it should not be too soft or too hard. A mattress that is too hard will block the blood circulation of the human body, and if it is too soft, the weight of the human body will not be effectively supported and cause back discomfort and other symptoms. (Of course, some people like very soft mattresses. It is recommended that you can spare two very soft mattresses to meet the specific requirements of customers)   2, material environmental protection   Is the selected material environmentally friendly? This is related to the health of the guests and the reputation of the hotel. This is a problem that deserves the attention of the hotel. Inferior materials can cause skin allergies, erythema, and itching, which will bring many health risks. These symptoms do not need to be too long. Time, 8-10 hours can cause it. At that time, customer complaints will be enough to make you hard to eat.  3. The quality of the spring  The bristles and elasticity of the spring are particularly important. This is not only related to the service life of the mattress, reducing unnecessary purchase costs, but also directly affecting the overall comfort and support of the mattress.  4. Cost of care and maintenance   Bedroom supplies must be hygienic. Of course, easy cleaning is the first thing. It is recommended to use removable and washable mattresses. The cost of removal and washing is slightly higher, but in the long run, it is actually a good deal. Generally, the life span of a mattress is 10-15 years. The fabric on the surface of the mattress is artificially damaged and soiled. Should I change the mattress or change the jacket? You can figure this account by yourself. Clean and hygienic bedrooms, that must be the image of a hotel. 5. Brand selection. At present, there are companies and brands that specialize in hotel mattresses in the entire market. International brands include Serta, Silk Chain, Jinkel, etc., and domestic brands that specialize in hotel mattresses include Suiforlun Home Furnishings, Yalan, and Xilinmen. , Dream Lily, etc. 6. Attitude of the hotel mattress supplier If there are multiple mattress suppliers to choose from, you might as well compare which one is more sincere and want to cooperate with you. A enthusiastic attitude will definitely be when producing and supplying hotel mattresses. Those who are more attentive, produce attentively, and complete production tasks in time, such as Suiforlun Home Furnishings hotel mattress manufacturers, naturally purchase their products with confidence. For hotel mattress procurement, if you want to know the detailed plan and quotation, you can contact us. Suiforlun Home Furnishings Furniture Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of mattresses that integrates Ru0026D, manufacturing and sales. Our company mainly produces mattresses. A company specializing in the production of mattresses. The materials selected for the product are environmentally friendly, innovative, quality-oriented, and consumer health as the core. The owners of major hotels and guesthouses across the country are welcome to discuss cooperation.
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