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Sleep on It : Discount mattress warehouse makes a confusing decision a whole lot easier.

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-05-21
When buying a mattress, even the most savvy bargain hunters will be confused.
The mattress industry has given so many different names to each line, and it is almost impossible to compare shopping.
One mattress from a major manufacturer has 400 names, one for each retailer. So what to do?
First purchased by the manufacturer, view features--
Pillows, pillows, etc. --
Then go to a large discount store, preferably a discount store that has been running for a long time. Twenty-
Seven years ago, Richard Pratt, who had just returned from Vietnam, opened his mattress warehouse in CSUN.
This is the first such project, and has achieved great success during the university.
Since then, for a few years, Pratt has been at the top of the list by maintaining a relationship with the manufacturer, and when there is a surplus, he will be notified.
Spring Air is the first person to call;
As a result, Richard Pratt\'s mattress warehouse offers a great deal of spring air products at the lowest price in town.
But you can also find the mattress from Restonic, Diamond and Aireloom.
\"There are many mattress places in Los Angeles. A.
Now all I do is buy a factory surplus, a return, a floor model and a discontinued suit, \"Pratt said.
Retail prices fell 50%.
One of the best deals in the house is the topof-the-
Line Spring air pillow top with an average retail price of $2,500.
Several stocks are now priced at $895.
You will find a lot. of-a-kinds here.
It is a strict blow and miss;
But, as you can see, you hit a big one when you hit the ball.
The double set starts at $99 and all mattresses come with the original 10-or 20-
Factory warranty for one year.
Free frame and delivery service.
Richard Pratt mattress warehouse, 18717 pattilia Street, Northridge. (818)349-8118. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a. m. -8 p. m. ; Saturday-Sunday, 9 a. m. -6 p. m.
All major credit cards.
* Super Sale on weekends: pre-sale
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