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Simmons World Class Mattress - The Best Pocketed

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-09-24

If you read enough mattress reviews you'll find one manufacturer consistently scores high marks for its range of pocketed coil mattresses; Simmons. While there are several models on offer, I believe that the Simmons World Class mattress is the best pocketed coil mattress the company manufactures.But first, what is a pocketed coil mattress and why buy one? Well, unlike traditional innerspring mattresses where each coil is connected to its neighbor, pocketed coils are encased in their own fabric pocket. This means that each coil moves independently of its neighbor. This has one main advantage; zero motion transfer. In traditional innerspring models when one partner moves the other partner is disturbed as a 'motion wave' ripples out. Because pocketed coils are not directly connected to each other, the movement of one doesn't cause its neighbors to move.There are several other manufacturers who offer this type of mattress; Jamison and the Sealy Correct Comfort mattress. While they make fine versions of this type of mattress, most mattress reviews give the Simmons World Class a slightly higher rating.Simmons does make several varieties of pocketed coil mattresses, but in terms of features and value for money the World Class is, I believe, the best the company has to offer. It features a 980 density pocketed coil unit - a coil count higher than many of its competitors. Each coil is made of high-tempered steel and of heavy gauge and turn. This ensures that the mattress will last many years. A criticism of this type of mattress is that it begins to sag far sooner than innerspring ones but with a high count of heavy-duty steel springs, this mattress will last years.

The mattress features luxurious fabric featuring embroidered suede and stretch knit. As you might expect the mattress comes in all sizes and types like Firm, Plush and Euro-Top. There are also further options like latex, memory foam and a combination of the two. The Triton Foundation system has been designed to support up to 2,000lbs of pressure.As stated before, I believe that this is a fine mattress but if you want to step up in terms of features and cost, you could have a look at the Exceptionale. This mattress features a 2 storey coil system featuring a 1960 density pocketed coil unit. Personally, I doubt if the 2-storey coil on coil provides any better support or comfort and my advice would be to save money and opt for the Simmons World Class Mattress.Follow the link for the Simmons World Class Mattress. You can also read more mattress reviews on other famous brands like Sealy Posturepedic, Kingsdown and the Jamison mattress.

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