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[Recommended] Hard mattress VS soft mattress is stronger and weaker? _A good mattress is essential to enjoy a high-quality life

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-26
Many people already have some understanding of our waiting, and have introduced it to you, and today I will introduce it to you, hoping to help you. In the choice of mattress, we in China are used to 'sleeping on a hard bed.' Nowadays, the mattresses sold on the market are different in soft and hard, so which one do you prefer? Older people tend to choose hard mattresses because they are 'good for the spine'; while most young people choose soft mattresses because they are 'comfortable to sleep'. Regarding the hardness of the mattress, it depends on the individual's circumstances. As for the rumor that 'soft mattresses are not good for the lumbar and spineFoshan Mattress believes that the purpose of buying a mattress is 'according to what you like.' First of all, there is no need to deliberately distinguish between the softness and hardness of the mattress, just 'lie down and feel it'; secondly, it is determined according to age, physical condition, and sleeping habits. Will soft and hard mattresses cause the 'spine and lumbar' diseases that everyone is worried about? Foshan mattress professionals have done experiments on this. They randomly selected soft mattresses, hard mattresses, and moderately hard mattresses. The shape of the spine when a person is lying on the above three different degrees of softness and hardness is checked by X-ray. Experimental results show that a soft mattress will cause the lumbar spine to bend in a straight line, while a too hard mattress will obviously not bend the spine. Proper curvature of the spine cannot guarantee the mattress. Which one is stronger than soft mattress? Only mattresses with moderate hardness are relatively normal. I recommend you to read this article: The mattress is a direct tool for people to sleep. The quality of the mattress can directly affect the quality of people's rest. Today, the Foshan mattress editor teaches you to choose a higher quality mattress? Now the market of on-the-spot supplies is gradually entering the high-end production line. Many mattress manufacturers combine humanized design with high-end technology. Some mattresses can even be adjusted according to the temperature of the human body to suit people's rest. temperature. 'Hard mattress VS soft mattress is stronger and weaker?' The content mentioned is carefully prepared by our editor for everyone. Remember what was said in the previous article? These may all be incomplete, and we will explain them one by one in future articles.
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