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Popularize the role of germanium stone mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-25
Germanium stone contains a large amount of organic germanium and precious minerals such as jade powder, pearl powder, malanite, traditional Chinese medicine materials, magnesium, etc., which are beneficial to the human body. Using it as a mattress is tantamount to significantly improving people's sleeping quality, and The effect is greatly good. The function of the germanium stone mattress: 1. Compared with the hard mattress, it is crystallized at a high temperature of 1350 degrees Celsius. After the germanium stone is heated by the silica gel heating wire, it activates various plasmas to release a large amount of negative ions, and then achieves the full penetration of the human body. It has a significant Chinese medicine magnetic therapy effect. It is a special health mattress in the Korean medical field. 2. The far-infrared rays of germanium stone have reached the absorption frequency and wavelength suitable for the human body. The far-infrared radiation can penetrate deeply into the human body, absorb and decompose toxic substances and heavy metals in the human body, and achieve the effect of detoxification and beauty. In addition, the far-infrared rays can interact with the human body. The cells produce a resonance effect, form a thermal response, expand the capillaries, promote blood circulation in the human body, and relieve fatigue. 3. Germanium stone mattress function: Germanium stone mattress structure. Germanium stone also has the effects of cooling blood to stop bleeding, lowering adverse effects and relieving vomiting, and clearing fire and calming liver. Its principle is similar to other iron-containing mineral medicines, such as magnets. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, exposure to natural minerals can supplement the human body's insufficient elements and trace elements, absorb or excrete excess elements and microelements, so that the human body maintains a unique positive value. 4. Eliminate residual garbage and heavy metals in the body, activate cells, detoxify and nourish skin, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality, dredge meridians, relieve various human neuropathic pain, body dampness and cold, relieve back and joint pain, expand capillaries, and promote Blood circulation improves human immunity. Compared with hard mattresses, etc., the value of this germanium stone mattress is still relatively large, but you must know whether it is true when you buy it, and you can invite people who understand the market to go with it, so ^ good but.
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