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Methods for anti-mite mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-09
Anti-mite measures for mattresses: You can put mugwort leaves in the mattress, and use the fragrance of mugwort leaves to repel mites without any harm to the human body. It is better to help a good sleep to achieve a good sleep effect. Another way to help a good sleep is to add Zhuying in the production of the mattress. , Zhuying has a natural anti-mite function. However, few people know that some things are terrible mites. This thing is common in our lives-Ai Ye. In fact, friends who have seen mugwort will know the unforgettable strong scent of mugwort. In fact, the mystery of mugwort's ability to repel mites lies in this strong fragrance. This fragrance is unforgettable for humans, but for insects. In terms of class, it is tolerable like a stink bomb, so Ai Ye can repel mites very well. Therefore, putting the wormwood in the mattress can repel the mites very well, and use the scent of the wormwood to get a better sleep. Moreover, this method is completely harmless to the human body. Is Ai Ye harmful to humans? Put the wormwood in the mattress and use the scent of the wormwood to get rid of mites, which is not harmful to the human body, but can help sleep better. This is because mugwort leaves are plants and can be used as medicines. The health effects of mugwort leaves are very good. The aroma of mugwort leaves is harmless to humans and has been proved by practice. Therefore, using mugwort leaves to repel mites in life is completely harmless to the human body. Using mugwort to repel mites is a natural, pure green repellent. Bamboo fiber shows that bamboo has excellent self-protection in the natural environment during the growth process, and rarely gets disease. Bamboo itself has natural antibacterial properties and can resist external pests and diseases. They found a unique substance in bamboo. This substance is named 'bamboo kun' and has a natural anti-mite function. In the production of bamboo fiber, certain technology is adopted to retain its ability in the bamboo fiber, so that it will not be destroyed and has the function of anti-mite.
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