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Mattress wholesale selection method

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-02
1. When buying a mattress, you need to pay special attention to your own weight and the softness of the mattress to ensure that your body is properly supported. 2. The manufacturing method of the mattress The manufacturing material of the mattress largely determines the quality of the mattress. The better the material of the mattress, the better the support, air permeability and durability. 3. The design principle of the mattress. A good mattress is designed by combining the principle of positive and negative atmospheric pressure and ergonomics to ensure healthy sleep. In addition, according to the user's weight, the user can freely control the mode of the mattress according to his own needs, and set the softness that suits him. 4. Size and height Usually the length of the mattress should be 25-35 cm longer than the user's height. The height of the mattress, plus the height of the bed itself, is about 40-50 cm. If the bed is too high, it is easy to produce tension and it is difficult to fall asleep, which will affect the health of sleep. Spring mattresses are currently the mainstream mattresses on the market. They are affordable and of good quality, and can evenly support people of different weights. Spring mattresses can adapt to various sleeping positions and postures of the human body, relax human muscles, and keep the spine always flat, which not only helps prevent human spine diseases, but also helps correct poor sleeping postures. The internal structure of the spring mattress determines the quality of this mattress. Next is a simple analysis of the internal structure of the spring mattress. Let's take a look together. Spring mattresses are usually composed of springs, fillers and textiles, of which springs are decisive. There are many types of mattress springs, and there are three widely used spring types, namely independent springs, linked springs, and one-wire steel springs. Among them, the high-end independent springs are divided into honeycomb independent springs and high-support independent springs. The quality performance of the former is better than the latter.
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