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Mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you what kind of mattress is comfortable to sleep

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-05
Mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you what kind of mattress is comfortable to sleep on. In addition to the 'conscience' reason such as 'getting to know it after sleeping all night  1. Appropriate softness and hardness   Choose the softness and hardness mainly according to your weight and habit of sleeping posture, so as to avoid the body from falling into a too soft bed and a too straight hard bed. Generally speaking, people who are heavy and who are accustomed to lying flat are suitable for a harder bed, and those who are lighter and who are accustomed to lying on the side are suitable for a softer bed. But the soft and hard mentioned here must be under the premise of ensuring good supporting capacity.  2, good supporting force    the body curve fits the mattress, all parts are well supported, and a complete sense of relaxation can be obtained. In particular, examine the degree of fit of the waist line.  3, breathability   can quickly dissipate the water and heat generated by the human body, the ideal state is to sleep warm in winter and cool in summer. The human body’s sweat-wicking behavior is very active during sleep. About a half cup of sweat is 'poured' on the underwear and bed almost every night, so the air permeability of the mattress is also very important.  4. Durability   After a period of use, it will not be deformed or dented, and it is a long-lived mattress that can maintain its original function.  5. Elasticity    The better the elasticity, the better the ability to disperse body pressure. The fast rebound and slow rebound of the material will bring different feelings.  6. u200bu200bPersonal comfort experience   Of course, for a thousand words, a mattress still needs to lie down and feel comfortable. When trying to lie down, you need to experience at least five minutes, and test the three positions of lying flat, lying on your side and sleeping on your stomach. All the above measurement standards are achieved through different combinations of the support layer, comfort layer and surface layer of the mattress. There are currently four mainstream mattress types on the market, namely brown mattresses, traditional spring mattresses, independent pocket spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. The comfort level is from high to low. My recommendation is independent pocket spring mattress, memory foam mattress, traditional spring mattress, and brown mattress.
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