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Mattress wholesale manufacturers take you to understand the six major classifications of mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-07
In our lives, mattresses are our must-have furniture products, which affect our sleep and our physical and mental health. Therefore, choosing a good mattress is a particularly important thing. Mattresses on the market today There are many types. I didn't know which one to choose when choosing a mattress. Next, let the mattress wholesaler take you through the six categories of mattresses, and choose the mattress that suits you based on the following knowledge.  Mattress wholesale manufacturers explain the six major classifications of mattresses  According to different processes and technologies, they can be divided into: palm mattresses, spring mattresses, water mattresses, latex mattresses, magnetic mattresses, air mattresses, etc.  1. Palm mattress: woven from palm fiber, generally harder, or hard with a little softer. The price of the mattress is relatively low. It has natural palm smell when used, poor durability, easy to collapse and deform, poor supporting performance, poor maintenance and easy to moth or mold.  2. Spring mattress: It is a modern commonly used mattress with better performance, and its cushion core is composed of springs. The pad has the advantages of good elasticity, better support, strong air permeability, and durability.  3. Water mattress: Using the principle of buoyancy, it has the characteristics of buoyant sleep, dynamic sleep, warm in winter and cool in summer, and hyperthermia.  4, latex mattress: made of polyurethane compounds, also known as PU foam mattresses. It has high softness and strong water absorption, but the elasticity and ventilation are insufficient, so the mattress is easy to get wet. 5. Magnetic mattress: On the basis of a spring mattress, a special magnetic sheet is placed on the surface of the mattress to generate a stable magnetic field, and the biological effect of the magnetic field is used to achieve sedation, pain relief, improve blood circulation, and eliminate The function of swelling, etc., belongs to the health-care mattress. 6. Inflatable mattress: The mattress is excellent in material, environmentally friendly and safe, has the characteristics of health care, easy to store, and convenient to carry. It is suitable for home and travel. The above content is the 6 major categories of mattresses explained to us by mattress wholesale manufacturers. Through the above introduction, I hope to help everyone. When choosing a mattress that suits you, it can not only increase our sleep quality, but also Let us keep our body and mind happy and improve our spirit. If you want to know more about this knowledge, please come to Suiforlun Home Furnishings mattress for consultation.
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