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Mattress wholesale manufacturers-how to choose a mattress that suits you according to your sleeping position

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-07
Because everyone’s sleeping posture is different, some friends like to sleep on their side, and some like to sleep on their stomachs and on their sides. When choosing a mattress, we can choose a bed that suits us according to our usual sleeping posture. Mattress manufacturers today will share with you:   1, prone-a harder mattress. For those who are used to supine, you can choose a slightly harder mattress. This kind of harder mattress can be used for our neck. Provide better support for the waist and waist 2. Supine-a hard mattress For those who have the habit of prone, you can also choose a harder mattress, and use a shorter pillow to minimize the pressure on the neck .  3. Lying on the side-soft mattress    Friends who like to sleep on the side can try a slightly softer mattress, which allows our shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress while providing support for other parts of our body. There are often a lot of doubts. I don’t know what kind of mattress is suitable for you. After you understand your sleeping position, you can choose the right mattress according to the content described above. The above is all the content shared by the mattress wholesale manufacturer. , I hope to help you choose the right mattress.
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