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[Mattress Wholesale Factory] How to choose a mattress? What are the tips for choosing a mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-29
How to choose a mattress? What are the tips for choosing a mattress? It is not difficult to buy mattresses. The wholesale mattress factory tells you that you just have to remember, smell, ask, shoot, and test. 1. Hope: It's very simple. People can check whether the size specifications are suitable, whether the appearance design is unique, and whether it meets your estimation. 2. Smell: make people's innate personality characteristics, have a unique taste, and how the taste feels, are all people's preference. 3. Question: Take the initiative to communicate with the shopping guide and ask some common questions about fabrics, characteristics, layering, I guess you know more than me. 4. Shooting: Take the initiative to touch, how softness, resilience, how the fabric feels, whether the surface is smooth, whether the edges are malleable, the sound of qualified springs is symmetrical, and the fake ones will have creaking noises . 5. Try: try to release the pressure and lie down on a soft cushion, first, so that the surrounding human body can fit the mattress, deeply feel how comfortable this kind of, for example, you can feel that the ductility is weak, the mattress If it is too hard, or even the back is not closely fitted to the mattress, there will be gaps. Whether the waist will be deformed or caused by too soft, you can feel it out.
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