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Mattress manufacturers tell you about choosing mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-14
Due to the changes in the living habits of modern people, the problem of low back pain is getting younger and younger now. Low back pain will cause our sleep quality to plummet. In order to relieve low back pain, it is very necessary for us to choose a suitable mattress manufacturer.   The following mattress manufacturers introduce the relevant knowledge of each mattress:    memory foam mattress; memory foam mattresses can also relieve waist pain, but the effect is significantly less than latex.   Latex mattress; Latex mattress is often considered a better mattress for back pain because of its effective elastic support and can provide you with a quality sleep at night.  Coconut or mountain palm mattresses; this kind of mattresses can also relieve back pain, but because of their high hardness, they are not suitable for some obese people. In general, these four mattresses can alleviate low back pain, but we must be careful not to be too soft when buying, because soft mattresses conform to the natural curve of the body and help the joints to align. But the joints of the body will go deep into the mattress, so turning the body at night will distort the joints and further aggravate the pain of the joints.   spring mattress; spring mattress is recognized as one of the best mattresses for relieving low back pain, the main thing is that it provides much greater lumbar support than other mattresses.  The following mattress manufacturers tell you some details about choosing a mattress:   1. Mattress inside: The internal structure, material and internal filling of the mattress will directly affect the passenger's posture during sleep. Many people lack sleep due to their postural discomfort caused by the decline in sleep quality. Therefore, it is necessary to check the inside of the mattress when selecting, especially the internal spring structure of the mattress. If possible, please check at the time of purchase whether the internal main spring has reached six turns, whether the spring is rusty, and whether the inside of the mattress is clean and tidy.  2. Mattress fabric: When buying a mattress, whether it is visual or tactile, the surface material of the mattress is in contact with the surface of the mattress, and the surface of the mattress is in direct contact with the human body. Comfortable mattress fabric directly affects the quality of sleep. Therefore, when buying, please be sure to choose a mattress fabric that is flat, wrinkle-free, and feels smooth and comfortable. Some people think that mattress fabrics are not important when buying. There are sheets on the mattress as decoration, so even inferior fabrics will not affect sleep, but you should know that some illegal companies choose fabrics to save costs. Cloths and sponges with high formaldehyde content are extremely harmful to the human body.  3. Mattress smell: During sleep, the human body directly touches the mattress, and the smell of the mattress also interacts with the human body through the human body's olfactory organs, which directly affects the human body’s sleep. In addition, the smell of the mattress directly indicates whether the mattress is made of safe and environmentally friendly green materials. Mattresses made of natural materials have no pungent odor. Inferior mattresses usually have a very pungent odor, which may even cause the indoor formaldehyde content to exceed the standard, causing irreparable harm to the human body. Therefore, when buying, you must choose a green and environmentally friendly mattress, which will not have a pungent smell.  The company is mainly engaged in the production of mattresses, and is a company specializing in the production of mattresses. The materials used in the products are environmentally friendly, novel, quality, and consumer health as the core.
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