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Mattress manufacturers explain whether latex mattresses can be used for back pain, and which bed is best for the waist?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-12
Mattress manufacturers explain whether latex mattresses can be used for low back pain, and which bed is best for the waist? There are many types of low back pain, and there are many reasons for low back pain. It cannot be generalized, but lumbar cervical spondylosis and bedding (mattresses and pillows) are indeed very big relation. Can a latex mattress be used for low back pain?    Biological factors increase the risk of low back pain. For healthy people, especially in the morning, the characteristics of the mattress may cause pain, and chronic low back pain patients seem to be more sensitive to the hardness of the mattress than healthy people .   In the survey of orthopedic doctors, 95% of people believe that mattresses play a certain role in the treatment of low back pain, and 76% of people recommend using hard mattresses.   Some people in Spain did an experiment and concluded that using a medium firm mattress is the most beneficial.  Mid-hard mattresses are related to the improvement of the barrier function of low back pain. Patients with chronic non-specific low back pain may use a moderately firm mattress to improve low back pain and dysfunction.  In other words, hard mattresses and soft mattresses are not good for the lumbar spine. If a hard mattress is moderate, a hard bed board will increase the pain in the main part.   The most popular latex mattress is the same. It is not that patients with lumbar spine and cervical spondylosis cannot use latex mattresses (because most thick latex mattresses are too soft), but choosing a latex mattress with moderate hardness is more conducive to lumbar cervical spondylosis.   Except those who are allergic to latex. Sleeping on a hard bed is unscientific for lumbar spondylosis, but it will aggravate lumbar discomfort.
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