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[Mattress manufacturer] What are the inside stories of spring mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-03
Spring mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses in the current sales market. They are favored by young people due to their moderate price and excellent comfort. The key to the pros and cons of a spring mattress is reflected in whether the mattress is of moderate strength and whether it can be well-balanced to highlight different groups of people with different weights. Secondly, whether the mattress can be integrated into the body in various sleeping positions is also very important, a comfortable one. The mattress of the body can get enough pressure to release all positions of the body, and the spine can be kept upright continuously, which not only has a preventive effect on the body's spine diseases, but also helps correct poor sleeping posture. And this all lies in the internal structure of spring mattresses. Today, mattress manufacturers will take you to understand the internal structure of spring mattresses. Introduction to the internal structure of spring mattresses: spring mattresses are generally composed of three parts: fabric, springs, and fillers, in which springs play a fundamental role. There are many types of springs for mattresses. The most common applications are independent springs, interconnected springs and one-wire steel springs. Among them, independent springs are divided into independent cylindrical springs and independent pocket springs, which are among the current mattress springs. Comparing the two high-level springs, the latter one is better than the former one. 1. Spring analysis 1. Independent springs (1) Independent pocket springs Independent pocket springs are filled with non-woven bags after applying pressure from each independent spring, and then connected in many ways to order, and then use viscose Putting it together means a bed net. Because each spring body has certain operations, independent support points, it can be independently retractable, symmetrically contrasts every part of the body, and maintains the spine of course to be vertical, so that the muscles of the whole body can be fully relaxed. Reduce the quality of sleep and the frequency of side sleep. (2) Independent cylinder springs Independent cylinder springs are not connected with each other with stainless steel wire buckles, but each one is independent, and each spring operates independently, even if the person next to the pillow sleeps sideways, it will not harm the quality of the other person’s sleep. , In addition, it can averagely bear the working pressure of each landing point of each part of the body, so that the body will not be sore by hanging in the air. The head, neck and abdomen of the body are inseparably catered to the mattress, and it is not easy to cause excessive work pressure. It even causes the body to become numb. 2. Interconnecting springs are made of several springs with relatively thick cable diameters in a way that steel wires are connected and fixed to each other, with higher strength and better supporting point. However, its extensibility is relatively insignificant, and it has good involvement. It can sleep on the fixed part of the mattress for a long time or subconsciously inhabit the front and four corners of the bed, and there is no regular rotation of the mattress, which is easy to cause dents in the mattress and even springs in the mattress. The elasticity is fatigued. Long-term application of deformable mattresses is easy to cause problems in the body's spine, and the body's spine is also easy to bend, and even lead to various serious diseases caused by the body's spondylopathy. 3. A line of steel spring springs are cross-connected to form a bed net. The structure is relatively solid, which is 49% higher than the total support area of u200bu200ba general spring mattress, which can make the mattress support an average value and show a more comfortable sleep quality. It is the tougher one of all spring structures in terms of bearing force, average support level and dispersion of working pressure. The comfort is low, the mattress and the body curve chart are very difficult to cater to, and it is easy to cause excessive working pressure on the body's head, neck and abdomen, and long-term use can easily cause the body's spine to bend and deform. 2. Filler Analysis The key to adding fillers is to improve the comfort and wear resistance of the mattress. The fillers for spring mattresses generally include coconut palm, sponge, natural latex, 3D raw materials, etc. The effect of coconut palm is to increase the support point range and strength of the mattress, and the abrasion resistance of the mattress is better; the effect of sponge and natural latex depends on the softness and comfort of the mattress, and the air permeability of the sponge The gas permeability of natural latex is relatively weak, and the actual effect of natural latex is better and more comfortable; the key to adding 3D raw materials is to increase the air permeability of the mattress, which is more suitable for summer applications; the general spring mattress filling materials are all necessary , Make the mattress quality better and more comfortable. 3. Fabric analysis The fabric of spring mattress should be dominated by cotton. The surface fabric of high-quality mattress has anti-mite solution in the whole process of making it, which can eliminate and inhibit the growth and development of full insects. The surface fabric of the mattress has more contact with the body and is more close. The selection of the surface fabric is very important. The better quality fabric can reduce the chance of the mattress growing bacteria and insects, and the mattress can grow bacteria and insects easily. It can cause physical symptoms, and even more serious long-term poor sleep at night, causing more serious symptoms such as mental weakness. Based on the above detailed introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of spring mattresses. In fact, every component of spring mattresses is very important. It is closely related to physical health and has great effects on physical and mental health. harm.
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