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[Mattress manufacturer] What are the differences between hotel mattresses and home mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-26
Generally, what are the differences between hotel mattresses and home mattresses on the market? Many people feel that hotel mattresses are different from home mattresses, so today's mattress manufacturers will take everyone to master it. 1. The hotel mattress gets rid of all kinds of fancy definitions and actual operations! Which imported fabrics are there! Which three d's are up! Which anti-mite! These are all gone. Household mattresses seek to absorb people's attention and pursue an unusual definition of high-end atmosphere, and then they can raise their prices and prepare for a slaughter in advance. 2. The important point of the hotel mattress is the bed core, which is related to the service life of the application and the warmth. The important point of household mattresses is the surface layer, which is related to absorbing people's desire to buy. Focusing on the key points of its processing technology can increase the market price. 3. All hotel mattresses are spring mattresses. In addition to spring mattresses, household mattresses also include palm mattresses, three-d mattresses, and latex mattresses. 4. Hotel mattresses are generally softer. Consumers of household mattresses often seek firmness. 5. The application requirements of hotel mattresses are higher. Compared with household mattresses, hotel mattresses have to deal with dozens of times the explosive application, which does not need to be expressed too much.
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