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Mattress manufacturer: The mattress is soaked, what is the quick drying method?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-26
No matter what it is, there will be accidents. We must be calm about accidents. For example, what should I do if the mattress is soaked? In this article, we will prepare some good, quick cleaning methods for everyone, and will not leave hidden dangers! Let's follow the mattress manufacturers to understand the specific content! Mattress manufacturers: mattress drying method! 1. Absorb liquid. When using a mattress in a VAC store to absorb liquid, women’s hands will absorb more liquid. If it is a light spill, or after using a vacuum cleaner, apply a dry towel or paper towel to the surface to absorb as much initial moisture as possible. Repeat this process until you find that the towel no longer absorbs liquid. It is better to use under high pressure, and it can help to draw liquid from the inner layer that is prone to mold. Stacking heavy objects, such as heavy objects or books, on a towel will help you. You can also try to stand on a towel and walk back and forth, applying pressure to reach the inside of your damaged mattress. 2. Use hygroscopic substances. Baking soda, kitten poop, or salt can all be used to help absorb the remaining moisture in the mattress. You can use anything you like, but soda and cat litter are better than salt. Cover the damaged part with a substance and press it in with a toothbrush or hand. This ensures that the inner layer dries quickly, not just the surface area. Let us sit for 12 hours before proceeding to the next step. When it absorbs water, the substance becomes clumsy, letting you know that it is working. 3. Keep the remaining liquid in a vacuum. Use dry/wet workshop VAC to completely vacuum out the baking soda or cat litter waste on the surface of the mattress. Don't use traditional household vacuum, because humidity will destroy the indoor environment. In some cases, the moisture may even cause you to be slightly shaken. Repeat steps 4 and 5, it takes more time to get a larger overflow, usually every time the overflow is very small. 4. Quickly dry and increase air circulation. When the weather permits, put the dry mattress outdoors and Thrall cycles in the sun. If not selected, it can be placed on a dehumidifier, space heater or large fan. At this stage, it is very important to encourage more exposure to the air circulation, so be sure to put the mattress upright on the ground to expose more surface. Placing on top of sawn boards or slag blocks also helps to expose most of the surface area. Let it dry for 24 hours and move it indoors at night to avoid further exposure to dew or moisture in unexpected weather. Be patient and don't sleep or use the mattress until you are sure it is completely dry. Using it early can slow down the drying process and spoil your work. After using the above methods, if you find that our mattress has not changed significantly, it means that it is basically unusable, but if it is obviously better, then it means that we don’t need to replace it, just use it normally! So the above is the summary of our mattress manufacturer!
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