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[Mattress manufacturer] How to repair the collapse of a spring mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-25
The spring mattress will collapse after being used for a period of time, so how do we fix this? Today's mattress manufacturers teach you how to repair the collapse of a spring mattress. 1. On the originally collapsed mattress, buy a new, thinner cartoon mattress, which can be used independently or on top of the mattress. 2. Buy a plank or plank bed with the same size as the mattress, and immediately add it to the mattress. Considering that it is too high, the support frame under the original mattress can be removed. Sleeping more on a wooden bed is also beneficial to the human body. 3. If it is a spring problem, immediately tear the mattress and use some objects to support it in the collapsed area.
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