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by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-25
It is neither soft nor hard with sufficient support. It is neither soft nor hard, that is, avoid the extremes of sponge, sofa cushion, and hard bed, and choose a mattress with moderate hardness. There is sufficient support, which means that the mattress should keep the spine level when lying on the side of the human body, and support the weight of the whole body evenly when lying on the back. Among them, what needs to be supported is the weak muscles of the waist. Choose a good mattress in four ways: 1. Whether it feels comfortable in contact with the mattress. 2. Pay attention to this when touching the mattress. The thread walking on the fabric should be loose and consistent, without wrinkles, zippers, etc., and the edges of the mattress are round. The arc is uniform, no burrs, the mattress is pressed, there is no internal friction sound, and the hand feels very comfortable. 2. Smell whether the liner has a pungent smell. Open the zipper and check the mattress liner to see if the smell of the liner is pungent. 3. Does it fit if you lie down? Many companies now suggest that you experience the mattress yourself, then lie down and sleep for 10 minutes. If this mattress has good rebounding force and can fit the curve of the body, then that's right. If one of the two mattresses rolls over and the other doesn't feel the mattress shake, that's even better. 4. See if there is a 'China Environmental Label'. We consider the environmental protection of interior materials and furniture when decorating, but almost no one pays attention to the environmental protection of mattresses. If the mattress is not environmentally friendly, the immediate threat is your own safety. The direct means of inspection is to require the 'China Environmental Labeling Certificate.' In addition, there is no mattress with a formaldehyde content of 0, and the furniture material contains formaldehyde to some extent. But as long as the formaldehyde content of the mattress meets the standard and is far below the standard, it is considered a good mattress. Looking at this, I believe that friends can find a good mattress that suits them. This is the simple and upright mattress list compiled by the editor, so that everyone can choose the mattress that suits their preferences.
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