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Mattress factory-how to maintain spring mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-31
How to maintain the spring mattress to last longer? The mattress manufacturer will briefly talk about daily maintenance measures. Maintenance measures for spring mattresses: 1. It is not necessary to use some electrical appliances and cigarettes on the mattress to prevent accidental dirtying, damage, or burns and scalding the mattress. If you accidentally spill tea or drinks on the mattress in daily life, etc. Other liquids should be sucked up immediately with a dry cotton towel or paper. 2. Turn over on time: The new mattress must be turned over on time, so that part of the working pressure load of the mattress can be prevented from being too large. In normal applications, at the beginning of the application, the mattress should be flipped left and right or adjusted head and tail every half month Once, after five or six months of application, the adjustment will be carried out every three months, so that all parts of the mattress can be evenly stressed, so as to ensure the mattress's ductility and balance, firmness and durability. 3. For bag spring mattresses, it is necessary to prevent hanging objects from pressing on the edge of the mattress for a long time or bouncing on the mattress, so as to prevent a single point of force from being damaged by bounce and causing unbalanced force on the mattress and causing the mattress There are dents. 4. It is not necessary to sit on the edge of the bed often because the four corners of the mattress are more sensitive.
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