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Mattress factory direct sales tells what is the use of mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-02
Mattresses, bed covers, sheets, bed quilts are things that every family knows clearly, but did you know that there is another thing called 'mattress' in bed use? Mattress manufacturers will introduce you to mattresses. What's the use? The mattress that is used directly after laying the bedcloth on the mattress is called a mattress. The mattress is also called a mattress. It is a soft cushion between the mattress and the bedcloth. This soft cushion does not simply replace the original cushion. It has a certain degree of elasticity and bearing capacity. According to reports, “you only need to put the mattress on the mattress and put on the bedcloth to use it directly.” This soft cushion is like a transitional product between the mattress and the bedcloth, which serves as a “link between the previous and the next”. The effect is to support the human body on the mattress, improve the simple support of the mattress, and improve the comfort of the human body when lying down. It is as important as the mattress and determines the quality of sleep. 'It can also say The supporting products of the mattress protect the mattress and increase the comfort.” Therefore, it is an indispensable bedding product in modern home life. Mattresses with a thickness of a few centimeters are the same as quilts. Many mattresses with raw materials have a thickness ranging from 1.5 to 5 centimeters. Generally, good mattresses are above 2.5 centimeters. The mattresses of big brand mattresses such as Sealy, Simmons, and Langis are all around 4~5 cm. In IKEA, the foam mattresses are more than 7 cm thick. Mattresses are filled with more raw materials, ordinary mattresses have foam, fiber, cotton and other raw materials; better use memory sponge, velvet, down, cashmere, etc., as well as latex mattresses. The price of mattresses is also relatively large, ranging from several hundred to several thousand yuan. The better the raw materials, the more expensive the price. At present, many mattresses and bedding vendors in the furniture stores on the market can buy mattresses. IKEA also sells three types of mattresses of foam, sea surface, and latex. The cheaper one is that the foam mattress is less than 400 yuan. . 'Currently, there are not many customers buying mattresses. Two out of ten people will buy them.' Mattresses are good companions for mattresses and should be used as much as possible if possible. However, now on the market, some big-brand mattress products have their own mattresses. 'Look at the layer a few centimeters above the mattress. This is the mattress.' Mr. Xu said that customers can also enjoy mattresses without having to purchase mattresses separately, and only need to purchase good mattresses. A good mattress is a soft touch and strong support. How to choose a mattress is also a piece of knowledge. Buying a mattress should be the same as buying a mattress. Look at the details before you lie down and try to sleep. Ask the merchant about the surface material, price, and maintenance of the mattress. Then try the surface material with your hands. It is better to feel soft; touch the surface of the mattress with your hand to see if it is dry and smooth without rough particles; of course, you should press the mattress with your hands and pat the mattress to feel whether If it is too loose or too strong, the resilience is so strong; press it again with your hands to see if it is tight. On the four corners of the mattress, press lightly with your hand to see if these corners are also elastic. After verifying the details, you should lie down and try to sleep. First lie on your back. If you feel the waist hanging on the mattress, forming a gap, you can let a flat palm pass by, indicating that the mattress is too hard; if you lie down on your body, especially the pelvis, the waist and back are bent, indicating that the bed The mattress is too soft; such a mattress lacks the necessary support and support. The comfortable feeling is that the lower back can be attached to the mattress, so that the mattress is fully set off, and the spine is in a natural relaxed state. If possible, you can use the 'human stress test system' provided by the merchant for testing, and choose the mattress based on the data.
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