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Mastering the techniques of mattress maintenance can make us have a good sleep

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-07-29
Sleep is very important. It is more important to have a healthy mattress. At the same time, proper maintenance can not only extend the use time, but also ensure a good life. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to understand the maintenance skills. Mattress maintenance tips: 1. In the maintenance of light steel mattresses and other mattresses, the first thing to do is to solve the problem of handling the mattress. Do not bend or fold the mattress on the transport cart. If the mattress has a handle attached, remember not to use the handle to carry it, because it is used to adjust the position. 2. Many people did not remove the plastic packaging film on the surface when using the mattress for the first time. This is a wrong approach. If you want the mattress to be well maintained, you must remove the packing bag so that the inside of the mattress can be ventilated and kept dry to avoid moisture. 3. Mattress maintenance skills: When maintaining the mattress, pay attention to the regular turnover of the mattress. In the first year, turn over every two to three months. The sequence includes the front and back sides, the left and right sides, and the four sides, so that the springs of the mattress can be evenly stressed and prolong the service life. After the second year, the frequency can be slightly reduced, and it is enough to flip it once every six months. 4. No need to pack for long time storage. If the mattress is not to be used for a long time, it should be packed with breathable packaging (such as plastic bags with vents), and packed with some desiccant bags inside, and placed in a dry and ventilated environment. Purchase knowledge: What are the precautions when purchasing mattresses? Be careful not to tighten the sheets and mattresses when using light steel mattresses and other mattresses, so as not to block the vents of the mattress and cause the air in the mattress to be unable to circulate. Breeding germs. Don't apply partial force and heavy pressure on the cushion surface, so as not to cause local depression and deformation of the mattress and affect the use.
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