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Maintenance knowledge of spring mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-29
Mattress, the protagonist of the overall sleep quality of the natural environment, can reasonably increase its service life by understanding and loving care. 1. Rotate on time. During the first year of application of the newly purchased spring mattress, the front and back, up and down, or turning of the foot will be rotated every two to three months to make the mattress spring and yellow support average, and then rotate about half a year in the future. 2. Keep it clean. Clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner on time. If the mattress is stained, the handkerchief paper or cloth can absorb water, and it cannot be cleaned with tap water or detergent. You must also have the habit of using sheets or cleaning service pads, and prevent washing. Lie still on it immediately after bathing or sweating, not to mention using household appliances or smoking in bed. 3. It is not necessary to sit on the edge of the bed often, because the four corners of the mattress are more sensitive. 4. Don't bounce on the spring mattress to prevent the emissary from bouncing damage. Mattresses are divided into three categories. One is softer, such as spring mattresses and latex mattresses; the other is harder, such as slatted beds and coconut palm mattresses; the other is moderately hard and soft, and typicalness means Brown mattress. Soft mattresses are very harmful to the physical and mental health of the spine. Studies have shown that sleeping on a bed that is too soft and the pressure of the body will cause the bed to be low in the middle and high in the periphery, which will endanger all the normal physiological curvature of the intervertebral disc and easily cause the psoas muscles and cruciate ligaments to shrink. Anxiety and muscle spasms. Because people’s buttocks and backs are thicker, harder mattresses have little or no ductility. When people lie on their backs and sleep on their sides, their abdomen is always hanging in the air. The whole process of sleep quality is in a state of anxiety, so it is impossible to get enough rest, and it is very easy to cause spinal diseases. A moderately hard and soft mattress relatively prevents the aforementioned problems. Not only can the spine maintain all normal bends, but also the muscles of the whole body will not be squeezed.
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