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[Latex mattress manufacturer] How to clean the latex pillow

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-18
Natural latex pillows are recognized by more and more people because of their anti-mite, anti-bacterial, ultra-noise reduction, high elasticity, and resistance to deformation. They gradually enter a large number of homes, so how do people maintain latex in daily life? What about pillows? Latex mattress manufacturers come to teach you. Cleaning of latex pillows: 1. Hand-made and clean latex pillows are more convenient to wash by hand. Natural latex pillows are convenient for hand-made cleaning, but as far as possible, do not put in automatic washing machines or other mechanical equipment for cleaning. Latex is very soft and very easy Was twisted. Latex pillows are made from natural latex source liquid through polyurethane foaming, and its breathability and water absorption properties are very good. Therefore, when the latex gets wet, it will absorb a lot of moisture, and it will tear immediately if you don't pay attention. 2. When squeezing, washing and hand washing, use the squeeze method as much as possible to remove the dust inside, and then wash it down with cold water. Because latex products absorb a lot of water during cleaning, the net weight increases. When the water surface is removed, a small corner cannot be crawled up and moved. Because the pillow core absorbs moisture, it will break if it is too heavy. Be sure to be like water tofu, hold the midpoint and most of the volume with both hands and carefully remove the surface. Manufacturer of latex mattresses. 3. Do not expose to the sun and place it to dry. After washing, wrap the latex pillow with a cotton towel or other hygroscopic raw material, and press dry with both hands to prevent obvious sun exposure. Exposure will make the pillow core brittle. Harden and crack. If you want to speed up the drying time, it is recommended to squeeze the shape by hand every 2-3 hours after laying it flat, which can drain unnecessary water and dry it with an electric fan. If it is only a small total area, just wipe it with a damp cotton towel, place it in a cool place, and dry it before applying. Common problems in the cleaning of latex pillows: When sweating, the latex product itself will volatilize water, and it does not need to be blown out. Natural latex products will oxidize and gradually turn yellow after being applied for a period of time. This is all normal, so there is no need to worry too much. When personal storage of latex products, do not press hanging objects, do not need to place a damp and cold indoor space. If you use a vacuum packaging bag to personally store the product, you don’t have to store it for more than six months. If you find that the product cannot be restored to the prototype when you take it off, you can leave it for one or two days. Manufacturer of latex mattresses.
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