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Is the harder the palm mattress, the more environmentally friendly?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-03
Many people worry that the formaldehyde of the mattress exceeds the standard, so they choose the Brown mattress made of 'natural' materials. Is this really environmentally friendly? Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Committee conducted a comparative test on 20 batches of brown mattresses sold on the market, and the results showed that the formaldehyde emission of 5 batches of products exceeded the standard, and the height exceeded 9 times. A quarter of formaldehyde exceeds the standard and the Consumer Protection Committee commissioned the Provincial Furniture and Hardware Research Institute to conduct a comparative test of coconut mats. A total of 20 batches of test samples, of which 13 batches were purchased from physical stores in Hangzhou, and 7 batches were purchased from e-commerce. The inspection items include formaldehyde emission, TVOC (volatile organic compound), texture fastness to rubbing and instructions for use. The results showed that 5 of the 20 batches of toads had formaldehyde emissions exceeding the standard, and sometimes the instructions for the 3 batches were inappropriate. According to the relevant national standards, the standard for formaldehyde emission is 0.050mg (mg)/(per square meter) h (per hour). Five batches of 'SefanoThe emissions of Hebrew formaldehyde from 'Fanluo' In addition, the three batches of modules such as 'YeweibaoToo hard brown mats are not safe to search for brown mats on Taobao, and more than 60,000 product information will appear, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan. The reporter randomly selected several products to consult with customers. Customers kept mentioning the concept of health, which would help protect the spine and sleep. When asked 'whether it contains formaldehyde in the safety hitAccording to a customer, all benzoin contains formaldehyde, and it is no problem as long as two layers of cotton are spread after purchase. The main raw material of coconut mat is coconut palm or brown silk, which needs to be formed by bonding. The materials used for bonding include natural rubber latex, urea rubber, etc. Among them, natural rubber latex is expensive, and urea rubber is cheap but contains formaldehyde. Zou Lijia, general manager of Nature Brown Mat Hangzhou District, said that some small and medium-sized enterprises and small studios use inferior coconut palm mats, which are bonded with a large amount of urea rubber. Most of these brown mat products have serious formaldehyde exceeding the standard. In addition, low-quality fabrics are also a source of formaldehyde. So, how to buy mattresses of qualified quality and not exceeding the standard of formaldehyde content? The staff of the Provincial Consumer Protection Committee and the Provincial Furniture Product Quality Inspection Center put forward some suggestions. First of all, you must look at the product instruction manual and logo. When you purchase products that must be identified such as trademarks, Chinese manufacturer names, factory locations, and product names, you can request a quality inspection report. If there is a quality inspection report, you can ask about the safety factor of the inspected qualified product. Does the taller mattress have an irritating smell? If there is a zipper on one side of the mattress, please try to open it to see the condition of the internal materials. 'Most consumers have misunderstandings.' Tang Yuxun, director of the Provincial Furniture Product Quality Inspection Center, said: 'Consumers buy coconut cushions that are harder than spring cushions, so the selection criterion is 'the harder the better.' In fact, most of these hard coconut cushions If you buy coconut pads with urea rubber as the adhesive, you can put them in the sun. Because the volatilization temperature of formaldehyde is 19.5 degrees, tanning can accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde.
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