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Is latex mattress better or sponge mattress better? What is the difference between them?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-06-04

   Many people now like to sleep on soft beds. In the case of moderate hardness, soft beds do sleep more comfortably. The representative of soft beds on the market are latex mattresses and foam mattresses. When many people buy mattresses, they will compare latex mattresses or foam mattresses. So today we will talk about the difference between them. We choose What should be paid attention to when making a mattress!

   Is a latex mattress better or a sponge mattress? Before answering this question, we need to know that a good mattress must Some qualities to have. First of all, a good mattress must sleep comfortably, so the comfort of the mattress must be the first. The second point is the safety of the mattress. The mattress is an item that we have to touch for a long time every day. A good mattress must not contain any toxic and harmful substances. At the same time, the mattress must be treated with anti-mite. Some brands are particularly good in this aspect, such as mousse. All mattresses of mousse are treated with anti-mite treatment. The third point is that a good mattress must have good air permeability. If the air permeability of the mattress is poor, then no matter how good the anti-mite is, it is easy to breed mites and bacteria. Only good air permeability can spread well. The moisture of the human body allows us to enjoy a comfortable sleep in all seasons. The fourth point is to have good support and ergonomics, so that every part of the body can be properly supported, so that we can get a comfortable sleep and will not have back pain the next day.

   Then based on the above points as the selection criteria, is a latex mattress or a sponge mattress better? In fact, it still depends on the workmanship and quality of the mattress, because the mattress It needs to be soft and hard. Although a bed that is too hard will cause the weight of the body to be completely pressed on the shoulders and buttocks of the spine, and the waist and neck will hang in the air due to lack of support. Very tired, because there is a place where the body is not supported, but the mattress is too soft but the hips and shoulders are trapped in the mattress, and the entire spine is evenly stressed, and the waist and neck will protest, so whether it is a latex mattress or Foam mattresses should be of moderate hardness.

   Is latex mattress better or sponge mattress better? Next, let’s compare the differences one by one. The natural latex mattress itself exudes a light milky fragrance. Its smell can also play a role in repelling mosquitoes and mites. The small holes on the surface are a natural result of the latex production process. It is filled with air, so it has excellent elasticity. The biggest advantage of foam mattress is lightness, and the cost of foam mattress is lower than other mattresses, so the price of foam mattress is relatively cheaper. However, the air permeability is slightly worse. Related recommendation: Which one is better, coconut palm mattress or latex mattress

   So is latex mattress or sponge mattress better? When economic conditions permit, the editor still recommends latex mattress , In addition to being expensive, latex mattresses are better in other aspects. If you want to buy latex mattresses, please visit the official website of Mousse!

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