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Is it true that Foshan mattresses are healthier to sleep on hard beds?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-22
I have a backache on the Foshan mattress. The doctor said, sleep on a hardwood bed! Therefore, some people go home to remove their mattresses and sleep with thin sheets on the bed. We also often listen to the advice of 'hard beds are healthier'. Can 'sleeping on hard beds' really save your waist? Sleeping on a hardboard bed is not a slatted bed! The physiological structure of the normal spine of the human body shows an S-shaped physiological curve from the side. If the bed is too hard, it cannot conform to the normal curve of the human spine. A hard bed has a certain effect on the protruding bones and joints of the body. Sleeping on a hard bed, only the head, back, waist, and heels are under pressure. The spine is in a state of hard tension and must be supported by the back muscles. The relaxation effect cannot be obtained during sleep. Is that the softer the bed, the better? Do not! Do not! Do not! If you lie on a bed that is too soft, your spine will become curved, and you will feel back pain in the short term. In the long run, the middle part of the body collapses, the muscles in the upper part of the body are relaxed, the muscles in the lower part are tightened, the psoas muscles and bones are prone to fatigue, and the spine is bent and twisted! Growing children sleeping on a soft bed for a long time will affect the development of the spine, hunchback, and bending and deformation of the spine! Therefore, many doctors say that the hardboard bed is not directly on the hardboard, but on the bed with a 3~5cm cushion, that is, the top is soft and the underside is a hardboard, which conforms to the normal curve of the human spine. When buying a Foshan mattress, lie down and stretch out your hands to the three obvious bends between your neck, waist, waist and thighs to see if there is any gap. Turn your body to the other side, and use the same method to test whether there is a gap between the depression of the body curve and the mattress. Otherwise, prove that this mattress conforms to the natural curves of the neck, back, waist, waist, and legs during sleep. Such a mattress can be said to be moderately soft and hard.
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