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Introduction to the knowledge of custom-made mattress sponge processing

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-02
Custom-made foam mattresses are used by many families. The affordable price and soft elasticity show a strong price-performance ratio. This is why many consumers choose this mattress. Among them, the custom-made mattress foam processing technology It is also very important, so the editor will introduce you to the reason and process of choosing a foam mattress. Why so many people choose foam mattress:    sponge is one of the most traditional and common mattress materials, it is also called foam mattress. Foam mattresses and spring mattresses are recognized as modern and commonly used mattresses, but because of the relatively poor supportability of foam mattresses, they cannot fully support the human body curve. Therefore, we often use foam mattresses. Change the direction of the mattress to prevent the surface of the mattress contacted by the human body from collapsing. It can be said that the sponge mattress is also very troublesome to use. Foam mattress material introduction Lightweight is the biggest advantage of foam mattresses. Compared with other mattresses, foam mattresses are more comfortable and lighter; the cost of foam mattresses is lower than other mattresses, so the price of foam mattresses is relatively low. cheaper. The advantages of sponge mattresses The specific production process of the spring in the sponge mattress is:    continuously adding inorganic fillers such as stone powder to the sponge. At present, most of the sponge mattresses on the market have been reformed to slow rebound sponge mattresses, which greatly reduces the sponge cost. therefore. When the slow rebound sea surface is pressed, it does not directly generate rebound force. The slow rebound memory foam is a special material that is different from any sponge that has been in contact before. The difference between slow rebound memory sponge and traditional sponge is that it promotes blood circulation and can change according to body temperature. The manufacturing process of the slow rebound sponge mattress is that the formaldehyde of the good sponge does not exceed the standard. It is definitely possible. Many businesses use inferior sponges to maximize their profits. The formaldehyde is seriously exceeding the standard. Sleeping on it for a long time will definitely be harmful to health. So if you choose a mattress, you still can't buy it at a cheap price. After all, we have to sleep on it every day. It is more reassuring to choose a big brand. When choosing a mattress, it is best not to buy cheap   . The above is the reason why the sponge mattress is popular and the knowledge points of mattress sponge processing and customization. I hope this will help you when choosing a mattress.
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