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Introduce you about the difference between ordinary mattresses and customized mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-10
Customized mattresses are now a type that many consumers will use. When custom-made mattresses, many people will ask, what is the difference between ordinary mattresses and custom-made mattresses, and why so many people choose custom-made mattresses , The following editor will introduce you to the difference between ordinary mattresses and custom-made mattresses. Custom-made mattress features that ordinary mattresses do not have. Ordinary mattresses are designed for a class of people and cannot fully meet the needs of individual individuals. For example, I only want a mattress with a ridge protection function, but the beds on the market In addition to ridge protection, pads often have shoulder reinforcement and seven-zone general functions. Customized mattresses are different. They can be customized according to consumers' preferences, so that they can be combined and matched according to consumers' needs. It has everything you want, and there will never be anything you don't want. Introduction to the difference between ordinary mattress and custom-made mattress    Preventive medicine believes that the best sleeping position should be the same as the standing position. Custom-made mattresses with good support function can provide ubiquitous and comprehensive support to the body while maintaining the spine in a standing position. Only when the spine maintains a natural curvature, the muscles can really relax, otherwise it will be replaced by when you get up. The tiredness of backache and backache requires the softness of the customized mattress to be moderate. The softness and hardness of customized mattresses is just right. There are many kinds of materials used in customized mattresses. At present, the customized mattresses on the market are mainly latex mattresses, all-brown mattresses, spring mattresses, foam mattresses and air mattresses. Mainly, the effects of various mattresses are also different. For example, latex mattresses have good elasticity and air permeability. They are very suitable for white-collar workers and other people with high work pressure. Customized mountain palm mattresses are suitable for young people and the elderly, so everyone When buying a mattress, you must not be blind. You must understand your needs and buy a mattress that suits you. Choose a variety of materials at will to see whether the appearance of the custom-made mattress is uniform in thickness and whether the surroundings are straight and flat; whether the cushion surface is evenly covered; whether the mattress pad is used with too thick filling material; whether the printing and dyeing pattern of the fabric is uniform; whether the sewing needle thread There are defects such as broken wires, skipped stitches and floating wires. The appearance of the mattress is chosen by you. The focus of custom-made mattresses is to pay attention to the ergonomics in the structure, and consider whether it can provide proper support for the human body. It is better to choose an independent cylindrical spring mattress that can independently support each part of the body, can completely conform to the body's curve, and has low interference. The structure of custom-made mattresses is more in line with its own conditions. The above is the difference between ordinary mattresses and custom-made mattresses introduced by the editor. These are not available in ordinary mattresses and are also required by consumers.
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