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[Independent spring mattress] Would you choose a spring mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-22
Mattresses are an indispensable item in everyone's daily life. Most people choose spring mattresses to feel soft and comfortable. Is that true? In fact, you should choose according to your physical fitness and age, and you should follow certain standards before you can find the right spring mattress for you. Independent spring mattress. 1. Before buying a spring mattress, you must first grasp the key structure of the mattress. Is it ergonomic? Is it possible to show the proper support points of the body so that when lying still, it can maintain a naturally comfortable situation without being oppressed or improvised at all. 2. Check the ductility and hardness of the mattress before purchasing the spring mattress. Because the spine of the body is not a parallel line, it is just a shallow S-shape, so a moderate hardness support point is required. A bed with physical and mental health elastic system software, and a spring mattress for comfortable sleep, so it is too soft or too hard The mattress is not suitable, it is very suitable for children who are in the development process. The quality of the mattress will immediately endanger the development trend of the children's spine. 3. Consider the size of the mattress. When purchasing a spring mattress, add another 20 cm to a more appropriate size. In addition to the pre-embedded indoor space for pillows and flexion and extension of hands and feet, it can also reduce the discomfort during sleep. Independent spring mattress. 4. Purchasing spring mattresses based on my sleep habits. Since everyone has different requirements for the hardness and elasticity of mattresses, you must master your usual sleeping habits before purchasing a spring mattress, especially for the elderly. The mattresses that are too soft are easy to fall and it is difficult to stand up. For the elderly whose bones are slowly loosening, it is better to choose a mattress with a higher hardness. 5. When buying spring mattresses, you should choose a brand that is reliable and has excellent after-sales maintenance services. In the mattress sales market, there are not only thousands of imported or domestic manufacturers, but customers must have appropriate purchasing awareness and judgment. Spring mattresses should be selected with good reputation, sound after-sales maintenance services, and quality assurance. Don’t be fooled by the feudal superstition that the import tax bill is imported mattresses. 6. When buying a spring mattress, you should try to lie down and rotate in a posture, and experience the assistance of the mattress to the spine and whether it can give the spine a good and well-proportioned support point. Do not touch the mattress or spring bed with your hands or buttocks. When buying a cushion, you should first lie down to experience the feel and softness of the mattress. Independent spring mattress.
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