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iCoil Mattress Gets Smashed

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-09-26

iCoil mattress technology is a mind blowing new concept in mattress design. Here's what I mean.

First of all, who dreams up commercials? I wonder how they come up with ideas like running over a mattress with a 30 ton steamroller, don't you?

What was it that most caught your attention in that ad? To me, it was seeing the mattress recover back to it's original size and shape after being flattened to pancake size.

Foam, even memory foam, seems like it would have it's limits, right?

The other thing that the ad shows is the slow recovery feature of memory foam because as you watch, the foam returns to it's original size slowly, not instantly. This is a feature of memory foam that's hammered home to you each time you see the picture of a hand above a hand print that's still in the memory foam. The hand print is still there for a certain amount of time before recovering back to it's original shape.

You would expect that if two mattresses, one with coils and one with memory foam, were laid side by side and run over by a steam roller, the memory foam mattress would recover and the coil mattress would be flattened for good and never recover.

There's a video showing an iCoil mattress being smashed by a steamroller just like the one that flattened the memory foam mattress.

As the steamroller moves over the mattress, you see the mattress instantly recovering as the roller moves.

It doesn't recover slowly like memory foam, it recovers instantly as the steamroller drum is moving over it.

With instant recovery, you don't wait for your mattress to 'catch up' to your movements at night when you turn over. Memory foam, with all it's benefits, is based on slow recovery and that means that you might roll back into a hole you created when you turned over because your mattress hasn't recovered yet.

With instant recovery, your body is met by the mattress at each contour and curve, as you move. It moves with you to give you instant support in all the places you need it.

I've heard that mattresses containing iCoil inside are not only able to be flattened and recover but are able to be folded, rolled, and put into a box so you can easily roll them into your home like a piece of luggage.

That has to be a first and you wonder who was even bold enough to think that they could fold and roll a coil mattress in the first place, much less box it up into a bite sized package and put rollers on it?

What'll come up next, a sleeping compartment included? To see the video of a steamroller flattening iCoil, go to http://www.sleeprevolution.com

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