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How to see which mattress is good? How to choose various types of mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-30

  A family needs a good mattress. The quality of the mattress has a profound impact on our sleep quality. However, when people don’t need it, they generally don’t pay much attention to the question of which mattress is good. I don’t know too much about the types of mattresses I have, and when it comes time to actually buy, I will be particularly entangled and I don’t know how to choose a mattress. So let’s take a look at the editor today about what to pay attention to when purchasing various types of mattresses!

   First of all, let’s take a look at what kind of spring mattress Okay? First of all, we eliminated the whole net spring mattress. The fatal flaw of the whole net mattress is its structure. Its structure is a structure that pulls each other, and the spring wires are interlaced with each other. In the process of using, any one Turning over and getting up at night will drive the entire mattress and affect the rest of the other half. The spring mattress is best to use independent pocket spring mattresses, such as Mousse’s latex spring mattresses. The springs selected are all individually pocketed 3Q small springs, which dynamically support the body pressure and have the function of automatically adjusting the pressure. , Each spring is an independent non-interference support point, double-layer spring, double support, balanced support according to body shape and weight, soft elasticity and silent. If you want to know which kind of spring mattress is good, you can go to the experience store of Mou Si to try it yourself!

   Like the spring mattress of Mou Si mentioned above According to the different filling layers, it can be divided into latex spring mattresses and palm spring mattresses. Then let's talk about latex mattresses and palm spring mattresses separately! We all know that latex mattresses are very popular nowadays. There are many latex mattresses on the market, but the price and craftsmanship difference between synthetic latex and natural latex is very big. Small partners who don't know how to distinguish may be fooled and buy synthetic latex. The chemically blended synthetic latex is harmful to the human body, and the pungent odor it produces is more terrible than the formaldehyde of the paint. Natural latex will give off a light latex scent, the color is usually cream yellow, the appearance of the texture is natural, with a little wrinkles, and feel comfortable. We can distinguish whether the product is natural latex or synthetic latex based on these characteristics.

   What kind of palm mattress is better? There are many types of palm mattresses, which are mainly classified according to different raw materials, and are mainly divided into coconut palm beds. Cushion, mountain brown mattress. When choosing a palm mattress, the most important thing is to look at the workmanship of the mattress. Which kind of palm board pressed with glue must not be required. This kind of palm board is equivalent to a formaldehyde body, and there is no way to ventilate or remove formaldehyde. To ensure environmental protection, the palm that has been naturally pressed by de-sugar and degreasing is environmentally friendly palm, and such palm mattresses are qualified. Related recommendation: How to choose a mattress

   These are the points that we need to pay attention to when choosing various types of mattresses! Through these little knowledge, we can better identify which mattress is good. Which is more suitable for you. I hope to help you choose a good mattress!

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