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How to remove odors from old and new mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-02
Generally speaking, mattresses are rarely cleaned, but in fact every mattress hides dust, dandruff, sweat stains, mites and other dirt, which can easily lead to skin diseases. The mattress has body odor every day. It is easy to breed bacteria in a closed room, but it is inconvenient to clean. You can use a professional anti-bacterial spray, which can effectively remove bacteria while removing odor. The dust on the mattress can be absorbed by the baking soda, apply the baking soda, pat it evenly for half an hour, wait for the smell on the mattress to disappear, and then clean the soda with a handheld vacuum cleaner. Usually this type of vacuum cleaner can also be used for housework. There are sweat stains on the mattress, which causes the surface of the mattress to be yellow, and the mattress cannot be washed. You can try hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean it. Take 250 ml of hydrogen peroxide, add three tablespoons of baking soda, and then drop 2 drops of bleach. Put the mixed detergent into the sprayer and spray it locally on the yellowed area. Most of the peculiar smell of newly bought mattresses is due to formaldehyde, so how should it be removed? First of all, everyone will think of opening windows for ventilation and diluting the concentration of formaldehyde through air flow. In addition to this, you can also grow green plants at home, but using green plants to absorb formaldehyde will still have some residues that cannot be completely eliminated. These residual formaldehydes are almost inaudible and will remain for 3-5 years. The green plants filter the absorbed formaldehyde from the roots and purify it through respiration. This method can only be used as an auxiliary method and cannot be used for effective control. Activated carbon adsorption of formaldehyde is also one of the common methods, you can buy activated carbon bags to remove residual formaldehyde. Salt water can dissolve formaldehyde gas in it, as long as a few pots of salt water in the house are enough, but long-term use of this method may attract insects.
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