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How to remove mites from the mattresses purchased by the top ten domestic latex mattress brands?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-14

  The mattress is an indispensable bedroom bedding in our home life. As time goes by, the bedroom environment changes, the mattress will also encounter dampness and mold. Even if we buy mattresses from the top ten domestic latex mattress brands, these phenomena cannot be avoided if they are not cleaned and maintained on a daily basis. So how to get rid of mites on the mattress and how to deal with the moldy mattress? The following editor will share a few good ways for you.

  How to remove mites from the mattresses we buy from the top ten domestic latex mattress brands? Daily protection is very important. If it is our newly purchased mattress. Such mattresses are usually very clean and will not leave too much impurities and dirt. However, there are exceptions, if our newly purchased mattress appears moldy. Then we can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it, then wipe it with a damp cloth, and then ventilate it to dry. This can keep the mattress in a dry state and avoid damp and mold again. This is a good way without any cost. Here is a suggestion for everyone, that is, even if the mattresses we buy from the top ten domestic latex mattress brands are not moldy, we need to clean them regularly. When replacing the sheets on a daily basis, we can use a vacuum cleaner for simple cleaning, which can effectively extend the life of the mattress. If everyone thinks that the vacuum cleaner sucks the ground and it is dirty, we can also buy a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress separately.

   Let’s take a look at how to remove mites from mattresses purchased by the top ten domestic latex mattress brands. I believe everyone should know that after long-term use, the mattress will not only become susceptible to moisture and mold, but also breed various bacteria and viruses. Therefore, we have to buy a disinfectant and de-mites spray to disinfect and de-mites the mattress. When we buy, we can try a disinfectant that contains double-long-chain quaternary ammonium salts. This disinfectant can perform disinfection quickly and efficiently, and will not cause any impact on the human body. Or it is also a good choice to buy a mite removal instrument directly.

   In addition, when we use mattresses purchased from the top ten domestic latex mattress brands, if the indoor humidity is too high, we need to open more windows for ventilation to reduce humidity. In addition, moldy mattresses can breed bacteria. You can tear off the plastic film on the mattress, scrub the moldy or unclean parts of the mattress with disinfectant, and put it on the balcony in a ventilated place. Expose it to the sun for a period of time. Can.

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