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How to remove formaldehyde from mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-07-29
The quality of most mattresses sold on the market is worrying. What we can see cannot guarantee good quality, especially some formaldehyde will appear, which will affect people’s health. In order to solve this problem, we can Through some methods to reduce the content of formaldehyde. Removal of formaldehyde from mattresses: 1. Hard mattress manufacturers introduce some adsorption physical methods. Commonly used plants are: ivy, green radish, rich bamboo and spider plant, the effect of a small amount of formaldehyde in the room is quite obvious. Activated carbon can effectively absorb formaldehyde and remove peculiar smell, and can be used repeatedly, the effect is still very obvious , Also use some photocatalyst spray to remove formaldehyde. You must tear off the plastic wrapping paper of the mattress you just bought, and then open more windows for ventilation. Ventilation is necessary. 2. Exposure to the sun + water. A simple way to remove formaldehyde from bamboo mats: first soak the bamboo mats in clean water for a day or two, dry them, and then put the mats on the balcony for two or three days to expose to the sun. 'Clean water can allow formaldehyde to separate out of the bamboo, and exposure can speed it up. Formaldehyde volatilizes. Exposure is a more effective and simple way, because the volatilization temperature of formaldehyde is 19.5 degrees Celsius, so putting a newly bought mattress in the sun can help formaldehyde volatilize and reduce the formaldehyde content of your mattress. As for how much formaldehyde is exposed to Good day, you have to rely on your own judgment. After all, different mattresses have different conditions. It is not recommended to buy and use smelly mattresses. Just like furniture, there is a certain vacancy period. The hard mattress manufacturers pointed out that the above is recommended Several methods of removing formaldehyde from mattresses, you can refer to it. It is recommended that the newly purchased mattress should be ventilated and cleaned before use, so as to protect the body.
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