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How to make the mattress match better^

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-19
In the whole room, the key is the bed. The cushion is closely related to people's health. Since there are many types of beds nowadays, if you want to make the room more beautiful, you must pay attention when matching mattresses. You need to know something. Common sense is enough. Mattress matching: 1. Hard mattress manufacturers introduce because the headboard of the bed is under the window, people feel insecure when sleeping. If you encounter strong winds or thunderstorms, this feeling will be even more intense. Besides, the windows are ventilated, and people will catch a cold if they are not careful while sleeping. The headboard of the bed should not be placed in the ventilation place of the bedroom door or window. People in the living room can see the bed in the bedroom furniture at a glance, which will make the bedroom lack quiet and affect sleep. People walking around in the bedroom wearing pajamas will look unsightly. 2. The bed should not be uneven. Modern people use spring cushions. If the quality of the cushion is not good, the spring will deform, which will affect well-being. Therefore, the choice of mat is also important. Sleeping on a deformed mat will cause a person's spine to bend, which will affect blood circulation after sleeping for a long time, and make people tired and easy to get sick. Poor sleep quality, arthritis, cervical spondylosis, and respiratory diseases have become common diseases in families in these years, and the age of onset has become severely younger. 3. Manufacturers of hard mattresses introduced that the color should fit the function of the room. For example, moderate red light can give people a sense of warmth; but using too beautiful tones in the bedroom will affect the quality of sleep. Don't use overly exaggerated accessories on the headboard of your bed, otherwise you will simply scare yourself when you wake up at night, which will cause adverse effects. In the bedroom, don't be equipped with high-power audio and video systems, and endure excessive sensory stimulation before going to bed.
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