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How to identify the authenticity of latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-17
Latex mattresses are made of natural rubber tree sap. The natural latex smell avoids mosquitoes. Inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and worms. It has certain benefits for people with allergic skin and poor respiratory system. Today, Foshan Mattress Factory will share with you how to identify the authenticity of latex mattresses. 1. Use your nose to smell the milky scent of natural latex. It smells like a baby's bottle nipple and surgical gloves. There is nothing else. This kind of smell is long-lasting. Be careful if there are other bad smells. Second, see with your eyes A. Because of the vulcanized rubber juice, there are many honeycomb vents when the package is issued. This kind of hole can promote the natural ventilation inside the latex mattress, so that the air in the mattress can maintain freshness and physical and mental health. Therefore, sleeping on the top every season can maintain a comfortable feeling. Comment B. It is true that latex crafts are very delicate and have wrinkles like arm lines, so they are not very smooth, and there will be some small defects of course. C. The color of the vulcanized rubber juice source liquid is milky white, but it becomes milky white after the physics processing technology is packaged. Comment D. It is true that latex is exposed to direct ultraviolet light, and it is not retro-reflective, if retro-reflective. Also pay attention. Comment D. Looking at it stretched like that, the surface of artificially synthesized latex will be very neat, and the surface will feel very slippery and glossy. Natural latex does not regain light, and there will be wrinkles. It feels astringent to the touch. Comment on the 5 ways to distinguish between true and false of latex mattresses. The key to the first two is to look at them. The key to the last three methods is to touch. 3. Touch A with your hands. It feels like a baby's skin, with a very wet and astringent feeling. It can be compared with the touch of the skin. Touching the latex with sweat will make the latex turn yellow, which is all normal. B. Use the belly of your fingers to quickly sweep the surface of the latex. The energy should not be large. All normal latex surfaces have not changed or are slightly cracked, and the fake and inferior ones will peel off. The worse quality is even cracking or slagging. 4. Resilience A. Rub with your fingers vigorously. Indeed, latex will recover in seconds. In the case of rubbing, it can be felt that the ductility is very good. B. There are several types of latex strength. This is based on one's own favorite. Comment 5. Look at the direct evidence A. Where is the rubber forest where the milk collagen is produced? How to prove that his latex came from this piece of rubber forest? The Philippines is better, and other Southeast Asian regions and China's Hainan are second. Other origins are not recommended. B. Look at the label: 90%≤natural latex water content≤100% is good. The equivalent of 100% is false. C. Look at verification: see what international international certifications. With 5 ways to distinguish true and false latex mattresses, the pot friends of Jiangjin Interior Decoration knew it in their hearts when they bought latex mattresses. You should be able to buy your favorite latex mattress.
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