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How to get rid of formaldehyde in mattress wholesale

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-26
Mattress wholesale mattresses are very common, and people rest on it every night. However, in recent years, news of serious illnesses caused by mattresses exceeding formaldehyde has emerged one after another, and everyone has become distraught and worried that their mattresses are not safe. In fact, it can be judged that formaldehyde does not exceed the standard due to the following two characteristics. First, you can visually observe the fabric used on the surface of the mattress. Generally, high-quality fabrics feel more comfortable, without wrinkles, jumpers, etc. After all, the formaldehyde carried by the mattress comes from fabric. If the fabric is safe, the mattress may also be safe. On the contrary, formaldehyde may exceed the standard. Of course, the fabric alone cannot judge the quality of the mattress, but also the hardness of the mattress. A good mattress is not the harder the better, the softness must be moderate. The mattress contains a lot of adhesives. If the mattress is hard, the formaldehyde will easily exceed the standard. After all, formaldehyde is the main component of the adhesive. So, if the formaldehyde in the room exceeds the standard, what should we do? Secondly, we will sort out some effective methods for your reference. Method 1: It is very easy for Luotingshi to use this material to manage formaldehyde. It absorbs the formaldehyde in the house, which has decomposing components, and decomposes the formaldehyde to become water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the operating period is about 5 years, and there is no need for human handling during this period, which is very assured. Method 2: Open the windows for ventilation. This method is suitable when the wind is strong enough. As long as the windows are opened, the formaldehyde will blow out of the room with the wind. However, the ventilation method is restricted by outdoor weather such as heavy rain and cloudy weather, so it is recommended to use it in combination with other methods. Method 3: Activated carbon mattress wholesale We can put an activated carbon package in the room to remove formaldehyde. Its adsorption is very good. It can exert obvious effects in the early stage of use. However, the adsorption limit is generally reached within 15 days. In order to maintain adsorption, it must be replaced frequently. Otherwise, the previously adsorbed pollution will be released again.
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