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How to evaluate the quality of sleep, which brand is good for buying a bed

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-13

   When we say hello, we often ask, Did you sleep well last night? How would you respond at this time? Is it true that if you feel that you have good energy and sufficient energy, you will answer that you slept well. But do you really know how to evaluate the quality of sleep? What kind of sleep can be called high-quality? Let us take a look today!

   It is inaccurate to evaluate the quality of sleep through subjective feelings. The most direct impact of whether we sleep well or not is the changes in our physiological data. As early as 1950, scientists have done research on human sleep problems. Studies have shown that human sleep is composed of multiple sleep cycles, and each complete and effective sleep cycle consists of a non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREMS). ) And a rapid eye movement sleep (REMS) (for other animals, the same is true). This discovery made scientists realize that the length of daily rapid eye movement sleep (REMS) is likely to be an important physiological data for assessing sleep quality. With this theory, we can understand that judging whether we are sleeping well or not does not depend on how long we slept. Some young people sleep four or five hours a day and are still energetic after waking up, as long as they have rapid eye movements. Sufficient sleep (REMS) time can constitute a complete and effective sleep mechanism, and exert the positive effects of the sleep mechanism. Related reading: Smart Sleep

   Most contemporary young people suffer from insomnia, or feel that they do not sleep well even if they fall asleep. Some people sleep more than a dozen times. After waking up for a few hours, I still feel tired and lethargic. The reason is that the REMS has been interrupted during the sleep process, so that the duration of the REMS is very short during the whole night to fall asleep, and the process cannot be complete. An effective sleep cycle. In this way, this night’s sleep not only fails to help us restore physical energy, but also causes the accumulation of metabolic waste and toxic substances in the body, which in turn affects our body and mood. So how should we effectively improve the quality of our sleep? Let's listen to what the experts at Muse's Sleep Institute have to say!

   want to effectively improve ourselves Before going to bed, we can soothe our body and mind more. Don’t set ourselves the goal of falling asleep before today. Otherwise, we will get closer and closer to anxiety. The more sleepless the state, the different sleeping habits of each of us, so we should do more things to relax ourselves. A small massage before going to bed is a very good choice. We might as well follow the advice of the mousse expert, use a massage chair to soothe and relax before going to bed, and then use a comfortable mattress and pillow to help us sleep better. .

  Good sleep quality brings us a more energetic life, so we must pay attention to it!

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