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How to evaluate a mattress and what are the criteria?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-07-30
How to evaluate a mattress, different people will have different evaluation criteria, some people evaluate it by the softness of the mattress, and some people evaluate it by the comfort of the mattress. Everyone has different preferences for the hardness of the mattress. Some people like to sleep on a hard bed, while others like to sleep on a soft bed. What hardness mattress is a good mattress? Thirty years ago, there was a discussion in Germany about whether a hard mattress is better or a soft mattress. That discussion aroused the participation of the German ergonomics bachelor's circle and triggered the study of human sleep posture. The result of the study is that whether a mattress is too hard or too soft is not good for healthy sleep, the correct mattress should be a high-elastic mattress. People's general requirements for mattresses are beautiful appearance, smooth surface, dry, breathable, moderate thickness, not easy to deform, durable, easy to maintain and so on. The standard for professional evaluation of mattresses is to analyze the mattress's functionality, comfort, and safety in use. The factors that affect the functionality of the mattress include: stability, fixability, weight, friction characteristics between the cushion and the cushion cover, thickness, appearance, durability and retention characteristics; factors that affect the comfort of the mattress include: pressure distribution, shear Factors such as shear/friction, humidity, temperature, stability, etc. Factors affecting the safety of the mattress include: pressure distribution, stability, shear/friction, temperature, humidity, durability, infection source control, mite control, cleaning, flame retardancy, etc. of the mattress. After understanding the evaluation criteria of mattresses, we also have our own ideas and opinions on the choice of mattresses. The right choice of mattresses is the kingly way.
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