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How to clean the mattress, please follow the steps

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-01
An investigation said that after a mattress has been used for 15 years, it can produce more bacteria than in the toilet, that is, you sleep on the ruins every day, so the mattress should be cleaned frequently. So how to clean the mattress? When cleaning the mattress, we have to pay a lot of attention and follow the steps. One: Vacuum regularly. Do a regular vacuum on the mattress to prevent the dust from forming stains when the mattress is wet. Two: Deal with small stains in time. Tips for cleaning the mattress: Remove blood stains: Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains. When the hydrogen peroxide is foaming, use a clean, white, dry cloth to damp it dry. How to clean the mattress? Remove mildew: take a 'sunbathing'. The formation of mildew spots is mainly due to excessive humidity. Take the mattress out to dry on a sunny day and wipe off the remaining mildew. Remove stains caused by colored beverages: Use citrus cleaner or vinegar to reduce the degree of stains. Most beverage stains can be dissolved in medical alcohol, but alcohol can also spread stains, so use a absorbent cloth dipped in alcohol Come to wipe the stain, instead of pouring the alcohol directly on it. How to clean the mattress? Pay special attention to after cleaning, let the mattress be completely dry before making the bed. Otherwise it will cause new peculiar smell and mold. Sometimes it may take a whole day to dry out. When the mattress has small mildew spots, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it, and then take it out in the sun to remove the mildew. If there is a large area of u200bu200bmold, you should replace it with a new mattress.
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