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How to choose the right mattress for children?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-05
We all know how important it is to choose a good mattress, especially for children. In addition to meeting children’s aesthetics, children’s mattresses must also meet the characteristics of children’s health and development. So the next two will tell you how children’s mattresses are. Pick. The tips for choosing children's mattresses are as follows: (1) Health experts suggest that children are relatively small in height and size, so buying mattresses for children should be based on the characteristics of children. In addition, children are naturally active and active. It is recommended that the main bed choose 28- It is better to choose a thinner mattress for a height of 37 cm. The total height of the bed and the mattress should not exceed 50 cm. (2) In order to ensure the healthy development of the child's body shape, the hardness of the mattress is also very important. The softness and hardness of the mattress cannot be determined according to the human feeling. Generally speaking, as long as the mattress product can effectively support the body Google, and make the bones get a good rest. Although a mattress product that is too soft makes the body fit very well, it cannot support the bones and is not conducive to physical development. A mattress that is too hard can support the body, but it is not close enough and the rest effect is not good. (3) Modern scientific research has designed a comfortable mattress according to the child's age, height and weight. Children are generally more active, and the mattress is also prone to soiling, so buy products that can be replaced at any time with moderate friction. In addition, the colors and patterns of the products should also be purchased according to the children's preferences. All in all, if you buy a mattress for (4) children, you have to buy it from a special children's furniture brand. Not only the color pattern conforms to the child's aesthetic concept, but also the softness and hardness are made with reference to scientific standards to give your child a better health. Pampering. Which brand of children's mattress is good? Of course choose the Suiforlun mattress. Foshan Weicheng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is a mattress manufacturer in Foshan, specializing in the production of mattresses and hotel mattresses. Our company has a professional design and development team and a professional mattress production team.
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