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How to choose the products sold by mattress manufacturers

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-03
Nowadays, mattress manufacturers usually sell two kinds of mattress materials, one is latex and the other is polyurethane. Which one do you choose? The team from the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the National University of Singapore conducted interesting experiments. They compared the effects of latex and polyurethane mattresses on human contact pressure. The experimental results show that latex mattresses can reduce the peak pressure of human torso and buttocks more than polyurethane mattresses. Generally speaking, sleeping on it won't make bones. Therefore, I recommend choosing latex in this regard. How to choose the softness and hardness of the mattress? The hardness of the mattress has a very important effect on maintaining the health of the spine. If it cannot match the normal curve of the human spine, it is easy to cause the soft mattress to deform the spine, and the spine is in a curved state. If the strength of the body is uneven, if the force is concentrated on the lower part of the body, if it becomes longer, the waist and back will become tired, and the spine will become sick. Therefore, we have to choose a mattress that is soft and moderately suitable for ourselves. Can't I tear the plastic film on the newly bought mattress? Many people think that the newly bought mattress will not remove the plastic film and that the mattress can remain the same as the new one. This is actually wrong-it will not only shorten the life of the mattress, but also make the mattress uncomfortable, and most importantly, it will damage the mattress. The human health film is only a protective film for the outer packaging, which protects the mattress from soiling before sale and during transportation. If you don't tear it, you can't absorb water. If you sleep longer, the quilt will feel wet, moldy, and bacteria and mites will multiply. After the film is torn apart, the air can be breathed. The moisture from the body is sucked into the mattress, and the mattress is discharged into the air when it is not in use. If you take a closer look at the spring mattresses currently on the market, you will find that there are three or four holes left on the sides of many cushions. This is the ventilation hole. Why do mattress manufacturers design such small holes? Indeed, considering the quality of human sleep, if consumers do not remove the plastic film, the painstaking efforts of mattress manufacturers will be in vain.
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