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How to choose the hardness of the mattress? Don't be in a dilemma!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-14
How to choose the softness and hardness of the mattress has always been a problem that bothers us. Every time we make this choice, we are in a dilemma. So let's share some real experiences about mattress selection for you. Hope It will be helpful for everyone as a reference! What are the disadvantages of rigid beds? The conclusion is that everyone should pay attention to it. You can sleep harder, but the key is to sleep on a hardboard 'bed' instead of treating the 'hardboard' as a bed. If the 'hard board' is used as a bed, only the head, back, buttocks, and heels are required to bear the weight of the whole body. The spine is in a state of tension and needs to be supported by the small muscles around the spine, so it cannot be reached during sleep. The relaxation effect will increase fatigue and make your back pain, just like the pressure near the pelvis can easily compress the nerves, which is not good for the body. There is not only theoretical analysis but also experimental evidence behind it. Relevant literature shows that compared to very hard mattresses, a medium-hard bed can reduce chronic pain and reduce excessive pressure. Many experiments have shown that sleeping on a well-designed bed can improve sleep quality and comfort. The other side needs to be reminded that a very soft bed may make it difficult to turn over, and it is also easy to make people tired. When buying a mattress by feeling? The mattresses I bought in the past were bought in the mall, and I chose a mattress that looked good. To my surprise, the latex mattress I just bought was probably because I was heavier and collapsed after two years of sleep. So I changed to a very expensive to hard bed... A meta-analysis of 24 studies found , Don’t talk about lying down in a shopping mall, even if you sleep for one night, you can’t judge whether the mattress can bring you a better experience. Which mattress has a good impression? One of the experiments conducted by 75 people compared mattresses made of spring, latex, polyurethane and other materials. Volunteers reported their comfort level after sleeping for 1 minute and found that mattresses with high hardness and easy to turn over are subjectively comfortable. Degree is better. This means that sometimes the bed you buy is not very used when you first go to bed. Maybe after two months of sleep, you will feel very comfortable and good for you, so you might as well be more patient. One more thing to mention is being awake. I have also seen the author of an article reminding me that some old people get into hospital beds and feel that the beds are too soft to sleep. Hard beds may be better tolerated, so it depends on the situation. In general, it makes more sense to be harder. So the above is some of our explanations on mattress selection. The answer we got at the end is more rigid, but the actual situation still depends on everyone's situation, and you can't blindly follow it!
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