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How to buy four-piece bedding? Do we need to put sheets on the mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-14

  How to buy a four-piece bedding? Do we need to put sheets on the mattress? I will often consult these two questions. There is a saying on the Internet that after purchasing a latex mattress, in order to make the latex mattress more breathable, we should not lay sheets on the latex mattress, but use it directly. So is it the case? Let the editor come to popularize science for everyone.

   Here, let’s answer your first question first. Take a look at how to buy four-piece bedding. The so-called four-piece bed suit is 1comforter+2shams+1bedskirt developed from Europe and the United States, that is, a quilt, 2 pillowcases, and a bed skirt. However, since quilts and bed skirts are rarely used directly in China, quilt covers are used instead, so it has evolved into 2 pillowcases, 1 quilt cover, and 1 bed sheet. However, in the custom used in Europe and America, the bed sheet is included in a 3-piece set of other sheets. That is 1 bed sheet + 2 pillow cases. When we buy four-piece bedding, we need to look at two points, one is the size of the four-piece, and the other is the material of the four-piece. There are many kinds of materials for the four-piece suit, and the common material four-piece suit is felt. To put it bluntly, it is chemical fiber. The four-piece fabric with the lowest quality is very cheap. The price is generally below 50 yuan. However, although the price is cheap, the editor strongly does not recommend everyone to use this.

   It is recommended that you buy four-piece bedding made of pure cotton. Although the price is more expensive, pure cotton products are not only comfortable to use, but also durable. Let's take a look at the size of the four-piece bedding. In fact, there is no hard and fast rule on the size of the bedding, the important thing is to match with our bed.

   To put it simply, we need to buy two-meter sheets if we have a two-meter bed. Whether it's a bed sheet or a duvet cover, the same applies.

   I have introduced you the four-piece bedding selection method above. Let's take a look at the bed sheets on the mattress? Naturally, it needs to be laid. Although a good mattress such as a latex mattress is moderately hard and soft, it is made of natural rubber juice after foaming and coagulation. There are billions of micropores in it. These micropores not only bring good air permeability. It is very comfortable for us to sleep directly on it. But there is a problem, that is, people sweat. We can clean the bed sheets easily, but the bed sheets are indispensable. So let's add sheets to the mattress, which will provide an extra layer of protection for health.

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