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How to buy a new mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-04-18
Good sleep is so important for a healthy lifestyle, but how many of us are tossing and turning and not sleeping all night?
Next, what you know is that we are ready to go to work and start a new day just to start over.
Recently spent many years on the same king.
I began to notice that the size of the mattress was no longer that strong.
In fact, it\'s completely sad-you can almost see the mark of our body in the morning.
Finally, we decided it was time to invest in a brand new mattress.
My husband and I looked at several mattress shops near Corvallis, Oregon.
Your feeling will never be great when you walk into the mattress store.
It doesn\'t sound offensive and seems to have entered a used car market.
There are too many options and the price seems to be astronomical-not to mention following your salesman.
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The positive side, I think, is that you can sit down and lie on the mattress.
This is the real and tangible thing you can touch.
After spending a few hours at the mattress store, we were frustrated and stopped knowing.
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I remember panting.
How can we make this big?
Buy tickets online!
We sat on the sad little mattress for several days and had a sleepless night.
Then we finally decided we had nothing to lose.
After doing some Internet research, I learned that it is not uncommon for people to buy large items such as mattresses online.
According to the study, consumer reviews show that people who buy online are more likely to be happy with their purchases and rate them higher.
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According to industry sources such as Consumer Reports, beds have increased from 30% to 50%, sometimes even more.
The reason is that retailers selling traditional retail brands have to pay premium to dealers, and after paying expenses and advertising costs, they have to increase their own markup to make a profit.
During my search for a new mattress, I searched around and found the following three online mattress companies.
Companies like Casper, Leesa and Tuft & Needle offer convenient shipping, product assurance and lower prices, and it seems worth a try to buy a mattress online.
The three companies I tested were broken down below.
The Leesa-Leesa mattress is a fully redesigned mattress that provides a universal adaptive feel adapted to a variety of body types and sizes as well as all sleep styles.
Select each layer to provide strength, memory foam pressure relief.
In addition to this, it also provides cooling.
These mattresses are compressed, boxed and shipped for the convenience of the buyer.
When talking to a representative, compression in the process of the box actually increases the life of the mattress.
Made in the US, Leesa offers 100-
If not 100% satisfied, free trial at night and full refund.
Tuft & Needle-the two founders of the company\'s big joy Park and JT Marino want to provide high
Affordable quality mattresses, no gimmicks consumers may find in retail stores.
Believe that quality and value are the most important factors for the company from 90-year-old, family-
There are textile mills in Carolina, and their foam is freshly poured and cut in the United States.
Sewing and finishing work for each mattress is done in Southern California.
Tuft & Needle also offers accessories such as pillows made of the same adaptive foam as the mattress.
They also started offering sheets made of 100% Supima cotton. Casper -
Unlike most mattresses, Casper does not have harmful chemical flame retardant, but uses pure mechanical fire socks made of silicone threads.
The company uses Greenguard-
Water Certification
Base adhesive for laminated foam instead of solvent-
Adhesives found throughout the industry.
Casper also provides accessories such as foundation, pillows, sheets, etc.
All three companies are easy.
Free return policy, I can test these three companies.
Surprisingly, the huge and heavy mattress you see in the store is not what you see in the mail.
Each of the three mattresses arrived neatly and relatively \"lightly (compared to in-
Store mattress)
In a compact box
The mattress does not swell until you open the shrink wrap, which means you can move them easily.
Comfortable mattress.
We ended up keeping these three.
One of us, two rooms!
Based on my positive experience of ordering large items online, I highly recommend doing so!
It\'s cost effective and easy!
For more information: www. leesa. comwww. tuftandneedle.
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