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How thick should a children's mattress be?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-24

The 'Year Mid-Year Promotion 618' is coming soon. Young mothers are buying children's mattresses for their children. After choosing the materials to look at the styles, after reading the styles and choosing the colors, it is a joy. But it should also be noted that buying a children's mattress not only depends on the material, style and color, but also the thickness of the mattress. So how thick is a children's mattress to choose? It is recommended that you can choose a thick mattress according to different types of mattresses. The following is different according to the material of the mattress, and the thickness of the mattress is generally better.

1, spring mattress

spring mattress It is one of the common mattress types. Under the subdivision, there are whole mesh springs and independent tube springs. This kind of mattress is not as thick as possible. The thickness of the mattress is not necessarily related to its supporting effect. If moms want to buy spring mattresses for their children, it is best to choose spring mattresses with a thickness of 12-18 cm. Here is a warm reminder that it is recommended to choose the type of independent tube springs for children's mattresses. Each spring can independently support the human body and make sleeping easier.

2, latex mattress

(Mousse children-MKA1-020B thin cushion )

Latex mattress is a very popular mattress nowadays. There are many kinds of thickness. The thick one is more than 20 centimeters, and the thin one is only 35 centimeters. The selectivity is very strong. However, latex mattresses are the same as ordinary mattresses. It is not as thick as possible, nor is it as thin as possible. It is important to fit the human body, and it is best to have a moderate thickness. Such a mattress is better.

If you plan to lay directly on the bed, you can choose a latex mattress with a thickness of 7.5CM or more; if you plan to lay directly on a iron frame bed, it is recommended to choose a thicker latex The mattress is better. For example, 10cm or more is more suitable. If it is too thin, not only the sleeping effect will not be good, but also the latex mattress will be easily damaged.

Special reminder: If the thickness of the latex bed is not selected, it is likely to affect the health of the child. It is recommended to go to a professional bedding brand store to consult the clerk. The mattress is generally too large. Choose after thicker is better.

3. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is also a popular mattress material in recent years, generally there are 3-20cm different thickness, it is recommended to choose according to personal preference. Because the memory foam is also to be embedded in the mattress, remove the thickness of the surface fabric on both sides of the mattress. It is recommended to choose a thickness of 3-5cm; if the platoon frame is relatively hard, it is recommended to sleep more than 10cm to make it more comfortable. However, it is not recommended to buy a mattress made of pure memory foam. If you sleep for a long time, it will be easy to have back pain. It is better to match it with other materials.

If parents are still wondering how to choose the thickness of children’s mattresses and how thick the mattresses are generally better, it is recommended to go to the Mousse Children's Store for on-site inspections and consult the clerk. Your child chooses the most comfortable and healthy children's mattress. Mousi children, care for the healthy growth of every child.

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