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How thick is the mattress in general? How long does it take to replace the mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-22

  With the increase in the quality of material life, there are more and more things about our lives. Improving the quality of life can also increase psychological satisfaction and comfort. Especially if you pay more attention to the quality of sleep, you can Ensure that you are energetic and happy, so the purchase of mattresses is indispensable. There are many mattress brands that can be safely purchased and used, because this type of brand will conduct research on the production and production of mattresses, and produce mattresses that can meet the needs of the public, so that the quality of sleep has also been improved a lot. The question of how thick a mattress is generally better is easier to answer. Let’s take a look at how to choose the thickness of the mattress and understand the life of the mattress.

  1. How to determine the thickness

   Nowadays, many people are very concerned about the quality of sleep, because they all want to get a comfortable sleep experience and ensure that their lives can go smoothly. It’s very important, and I mentioned how thick a mattress is generally better. The thickness of the mattress does have an impact on the comfort of sleep. Normally, the thickness of the mattress is about 22cm to 25cm, of course because of the production of the mattress. The material is different, the thickness will also be relatively large, and the question of how thick the mattress is generally better, you can choose the thickness you like, and the mattress with a high sleeping experience is worth buying. Related reading: Hard mattress is better or soft mattress There are many people. In fact, when choosing the thickness of the mattress, you can directly choose a thinner mattress. A thicker mattress will generally be softer, while a too soft mattress will easily cause the spine to remain curved after use, which will take a long time. Later, it will cause waist pain, and the waist muscles will not be supported, which will cause the muscles to not be relaxed. Therefore, if you sleep for a long time, you will be more tired. Therefore, the thickness of the mattress is generally better. Answer: Don't choose a mattress that is too thick or soft.

  3. The use time of the mattress

   There are many types of mattresses that can be purchased on the market. The choice of thickness is also more free and convenient. Generally, there are many mattresses. Thickness is better? Because many mattresses are 22cm upwards, but like latex mattresses, 3cm thickness is also available, so you can choose according to your own preferences when choosing. The service life of a mattress is generally about 5 to 10 years. When the mattress is sunken, stained, used for a long time, or poor sleep quality, you should directly replace the mattress to avoid more damage to the waist. .

   The above-mentioned content is what the public is concerned about now, and it is mentioned that the thickness of the mattress is generally better. When choosing the thickness, the most important thing is to choose the mattress that you like and use it. A comfortable mattress is the most suitable, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the waist.

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